Corgi Friday: The Best of Lawyer Dog

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Lawyer Dog is one of my favorite memes of 2012, if not of all time.


Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Plagiarized Her Dumb Lawsuit

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Ever since appeasing California judge Stephanie Sautner by completing the bare minimum community service after repeatedly ignoring her court-ordered sentences for multiple criminal acts, Lindsay Lohan has been a changed woman.


Kris Humphries Will Represent Himself In Divorce Hearings

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As the 2011-12 NBA season has now lasted longer than his marriage to Kim Kardashian, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries will soon head to court to convince a judge to grant an annulment instead of proceeding with an actual divorce.


Huge Shocker: Lawyers Are Making A Killing On The NBA Lockout

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The NBA Players Union and owners will meet again today to continue their efforts to close the gap on what is believed to be a difference of anywhere from $2-4 billion in a new collective bargaining agreement.


Frank McCourt Shouldn’t Have Any Money

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In news that should surprise absolutely no one, embattled Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is possibly being grossly over-billed by his bankruptcy attorneys.


Chris Evans is a Shirtless Lawyer

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After the jump, I've got the trailer for Puncture, in which Chris Evans plays a drug-addicted lawyer fighting a massive healthcare conspiracy in an indie drama he signed on for before Captain Amurka.


Dwight Howard Has Been Dragged Into The Casey Anthony Case

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Jeff Ashton is quickly making a name for himself in the legal world as the Assistant State Attorney prosecuting the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Florida, which I refuse to call the “Trial of the Century” because I still have faith that a former professional athlete can eventually top this.


A TV Series About Grisham’s ‘The Firm’?

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A mere two decades after John Grisham's The Firm became an international bestseller and a hit movie starring Tom Cruise, NBC is negotiating a deal to bring the story to serialized television.


Are Oil Prices Killing The Recovery?

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For the ninth consecutive month, consumers be shopping.


Tiger Woods Has A Mattress Ad

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The McCann Ad Agency in Mumbai recently released the above ad for Shivam handloom deep sleep mattresses, which shows a sleeping Tiger Woods dreaming of a bevy of provocatively dressed white women.


Hey Taco Bell, Where’s The Beef?

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An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over accusations that the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain is not living up to government standards with its meat.


What Has Your Panties In A Bunch?


The Swiss Bank UBS raised an eyebrow or a million last month after it was revealed that the company was forcing its employees to adhere to a 43-page employee handbook that detailed everything about how they dress, from their glasses to their asses.


Slow Down, Cowgirl!

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Oh man, I love this commercial.


Has Walmart Turned Its Back On You?


For many years now, Walmart has been a one-stop for everything you could possibly need from a retailer.


The National Pork Board Will Have None of Your Unicorn Shenanigans

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The National Pork Board, who were clever enough to cybersquat on and await the lucrative porn site buyout, have found something to keep them occupied in the meantime: sending out ridiculous cease and desist letters.



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    What me, emote.



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Roman Polanski was denied bail for the second time by a Swiss court today after pledging his holiday home in Switzerland as collateral and proposing electronic monitoring as a way to ensure he wouldn't flee.

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