REPORTS: A TSA Agent And Others Have Been Shot In LAX

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There's been some sort of shooting incident at LAX this afternoon and a TSA agent has been shot, along with a few others.


VIDEO: Drunk kid from Twilight pees all over airport

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"Hey, come on, man, that carpet really tied the airport together.

Young Jeezy

“Fifteen Greats In ’08” – The Most Exceptional Hip-Hop Albums Of 2008

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Generally, the bickering and babbling that coincides with ranking the year’s best LPs tend to blur the focus on the overall picture.

The Game

The Game – “Camera Phone” Video

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Game's "Camera Phone" featuring Ne-Yo.

The Game

“Los Angeles Times” – Review Of The Game’s L.A.X.

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Perhaps the most puzzling facet of The Game's character is not the fact that he continuously partakes in unusual antics, but it's that he has the talent to let his music do the talking, opposed to his various shenanigans.

The Game

Notable Quotable – The Game’s “Letter To The King”

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The Word "nigger" is nothing like "nigga" Don't sound shit alike Like Game like Jigga One came before the other Like aim and pull the trigger One is slain for my brother One is hanging, take a picture The rope ain't tight enough, he still alive, go fix it Pour some gasoline on 'em, call his daughters Black bitches Make 'em pick cotton, while they momma cleaning up the kitchen The same cotton in white tees, that's the cotton they was pickin' If Dr.

The Game

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With The Game

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Written by Drew Ricketts The Game is one of the most polarizing figures in Hip-Hop.

The Game

No More Fun & Games…

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Here's the front for Chuck's once-reported swan song, L.

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