IKEA Releases A Sleek New Desk To Remind Us We Spend Too Much Of Our Lives Sitting

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I'd love to stand up while at work...if only I didn't love sitting down more.

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Is Anyone Really Surprised That Justin Bieber Was Carried Up The Great Wall Of China?

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After celebrating making it to the top of the Great Wall of China, Justin Bieber apparently had his bodyguards carry him.


Sit Down Tennis, The Sport Of A (Lazy) New Generation


Welcome to the exciting world of Sit Down Tennis, which is a lot like real tennis, only you roll around on the ground like a baby and don't really do anything.

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The 'World's Shortest Escalator' Is The Laziest Thing You'll See This Week

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In only a week, YouTube user “hippykiller1” – a handle after my own heart – has amassed more than 5.


The FTC Is Calling Kelly Brook A Liar

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In news that should only be shocking to people who take diet pills, Reebok is paying $25 million to disgruntled athletic shoe enthusiasts after the U.


Man Will “Walk” 500 Miles, 500 More

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Matthew Partridge is a man with a dream – he wants to walk from one side of Britain to the other.

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