The Rock Won’t Stop Talking About ‘Shazam!’ And Has Essentially Confirmed That It’s In The Works

By | 8 Comments

DC Entertainment won't confirm 'Shazam!' is in the works... but that's not stopping the Rock from talking about it.

Alien: Isolation

‘Alien: Isolation’ Sees Its Achievements Leak


'Alien: Isolation' has some interesting spoilers lurking in its achievements.


Leaked ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Picture And Rumors Connect A Whole Lot Of Dots

By | 14 Comments

We have more potential spoilers for 'Star Wars: Episode VII', including Adam Driver and Billie Lourd's characters. Ready are you?


‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Stormtroopers Look… Different In Leaked Images

By | 40 Comments

Here is what, apparently, a stormtrooper looks like in 'Star Wars: Episode VII.'

#Batman vs. Superman

New Plot Details Leak About Batfleck In ‘Batman V Superman’

By | 80 Comments

What's Batfleck been up to in the DC Cinematic Universe? Quite a bit, according to leaks.


A Doozy Of A Deleted Scene From ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Has Leaked

By | 30 Comments

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' has leaked a deleted scene, and it's a doozy.


Ryan Reynolds Stars In Leaked Test Footage For Deadpool Movie

By | 40 Comments

Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool, sort of, in this leaked test footage.


The Rock Just Leaked What Character He’ll Play In The DC Cinematic Universe

By | 57 Comments

The superhero Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will be playing for DC Comics isn't the one we were expecting.


A Summerslam Promo Video Has Leaked, Confirming Your Suspicions That Wrestling May Be Scripted

By | 52 Comments

If a promotional poster going up on Amazon wasn't enough, now the John Cena/Brock Lesnar SummerSlam match has a promo video.


This ‘Jurassic World’ Prop Brochure Leaks A Whole Bunch Of Tantalizing Details About The New Movie

By | 5 Comments

'Jurassic World' will feature all sorts of extinct species, apparently, including late-night hosts.


The iPhone 6 Sapphire Display Allegedly Leaks Like A Rusty Old Fishing Boat

By | 10 Comments

The iPhone 6 is on the way, and parts appear to have started leaking to the tech press.


News About The New Pink Floyd Album Leaked In The Most Dubious Way Possible

By | 6 Comments

It was an odd way to leak information about an album, but it seems that Pink Floyd has a new album coming in October.

The Flash

Here’s A Spoiler-Free Look At The Leaked ‘Flash’ Pilot

By | 17 Comments

'The Flash' has seen its pilot leak... and honestly, it's a promising debut.

#Star Wars

If You Can Hold Your Nose, TMZ Has A Ton Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Pics

By | 13 Comments

'Star Wars: Episode VII' has a new leak, from a wretched hive of scum and villany.


The Leaked Plot For ‘Jurassic World’ Is Gleefully Insane

By | 47 Comments

'Jurassic World' will probably mark the moment this series jumps the Megalodon.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Just Accidentally Leaked Its Turtles

By | 47 Comments

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have... changed somewhat in their new look.


The Blogger Who Leaked ‘Chinese Democracy’ Wrote 8,000 Words Explaining How He Did It

By | 3 Comments

Everything you wanted to know about "Chinese Democracy," and thousands of words more.

#video games

Here’s The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Map That Leaked Early

By | 19 Comments

The map for 'Grand Theft Auto V' has leaked early... and there's plenty of points of interest in Los Santos.

#Kanye West

And There It Is: Kanye West’s Yeezus Has Leaked

By | 16 Comments

Well so much for Kanye West's "Yeezus" not leaking prior to it going on sale June 18th. It's out there you guys. It's been leaked.


‘Watch Dogs’ E3 Trailer Leaks Early, Looks Good

By | 2 Comments

'Watch Dogs' has a new trailer, that oddly lacks any gameplay footage.

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