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LeBron Is The ‘Best Player In The World’ And It Doesn’t Matter Against The Warriors


LeBron James was Steph Curry's superior in the Warriors' Game 5 win, casting greater doubt on the Cavaliers' hopes of winning a championship

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Steph Curry Dishes A Sweet Behind-The-Back Dime To Leandro Barbosa

It's been a slow start to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, but Chef Curry is heating things up with this behind-the-back pass to Leandro Barbosa.


SAVOR IT: The Warriors’ Dynasty Window Can Always Close As Abruptly As It Swung Open


These Golden State Warriors could be a dynasty, but that's never enough in the NBA.


Video: Warriors Celebrate 13-2 By Singing, Dancing, Partying On Team Plane

What's spurred the Golden State Warriors to a franchise-best 13-2 record to open the season.

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LeBron’s 20 Best Dunks In The NBA

This past Friday, I found myself removed from my seat following another towering slam by LeBron James when I came to the realization that the four-time MVP may be the best entertainer in the country at the moment.

Tyrus Thomas

10 Veterans Who Can Restart Their Careers In Miami

On Tuesday, the Miami Heat brought Michael Beasley back into the fold by offering him a spot on their training camp roster with a non-guaranteed contract that would net B-Easy over $1 million if he makes the team.

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The 25 Fastest Players In The NBA

Fast, up-tempo play is what NBA fans love and there are players today that absolutely take their ability to move to the next level.


Derrick Rose’s Top 15 Poster Dunks

The Internet nearly blew up earlier this week when we posted video of Derrick Rose pulling off a recent through-the-legs dunk.


NBA’s Top 10 Active Journeymen


According to the Oxford Dictionaries, a "journeyman" is known as "a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding.

Tyler Honeycutt

NBA Fantasy Basketball: Winners & Losers Of The Trade Deadline

The NBA trade deadline can make or break your fantasy team.


[UPDATED] Breaking News: Washington’s Jordan Crawford Reportedly Traded To Boston

Get ready Boston: Jordan Crawford is about to walk through that door.


LeBron James Is Untouchable; Rudy Gay Makes A Game-Winner

We hate to keep leading Smack off with LeBron James, but it's almost like we have to lock him in here on every night he plays.


Rajon Rondo Moves One Step Closer To A Record; Kyrie Irving Nearly Beats Dallas By Himself

In one of those dreaded Saturday afternoon Atlantic Division games (seriously, who came up with these.


The Boston Celtics Have An Unexpected Weapon

Amidst the Celtics' early season struggles, an unexpected bright spot is emerging from the end of the bench.


Video: Keith Bogans Chokes Out Leandro Barbosa With A Hard Foul

UFC 154 isn't until Saturday night, but fight fans got a taste of the action Thursday as Keith Bogans wrapped Leandro Barbosa up in a textbook rear-naked choke.


The Knicks Can’t Be Stopped Even When ‘Melo Is; LeBron Puts The Nuggets To Sleep

The Knicks only had 3-of-12 shooting by Carmelo Anthony (nine points though he did get 12 boards) and were on the road in San Antonio and yet New York went into Texas and still won, 104-100 to stay undefeated against all odds.


Ray Allen Gets His Revenge; A Star Is Born In Cleveland

It's a new season in the NBA, the Heat and LeBron James have new championship rings, and yet nothing has changed.


Report: Boston Signs Leandro Barbosa

Rajon Rondo doesn't necessarily need a backup.


Top 5 Biggest Olympic Surprises

The Olympics are always a bit of a wild card given that teams are almost always cobbled together just a matter of weeks before the Opening Ceremonies.


Video: Leandro Barbosa Drops Andres Nocioni On His Face With An Ankle-Breaking Move

While Brazil wasn't able to pull out a win against Argentina yesterday, Leandro Barbosa dropped 23 points and Andres Nocioni.

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