This Cute Toddler’s LED Halloween Costume Wins Everything

Royce Hutain of Huntington Beach, California, built a stick figure LED Halloween costume for his 2-year-old daughter Zoey. (GIF and two videos)


A Guitar That Teaches You To Play?

If there's one thing that's difficult about learning the guitar, it's learning the guitar.


Dude's LED Suit Is Powered By His iPhone, Your Argument Is Invalid

Most people would never cook up the asinine idea to build an entire suit out of LEDs and, I think it's pretty safe to say that, even fewer would figure out a way to control said light suit using only their iPhone.


Tron Light Cycle: Hipster Edition

Cyglo Tyre, founded by inventor James Tristram, was awarded the patent for LED bike tires last February and secured funding in April to start production later this year, assuming Disney doesn't slap them with a patent infringement lawsuit right about.

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