The Legal System Is Just And Fair: Miss USA Contestant Ordered To Pay Donald Trump $5 Million

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A former Miss USA contestant has been ordered to pay Donald Trump $5 million for suggesting the pageant was rigged.

the o.c.

The Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Explained Using GIFs from 'The O.C.'

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All anyone wants to talk about today is the Supreme Court's health care ruling.


‘Real World’ Cast Member Sues ‘Entourage,’ World LOLs

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In a story noted legal expert Me is calling "stuffed to the gills with a buttload of LOLs," a former "Real World" cast member is suing HBO and the creators of "Entourage" for besmirching his good name.


JWOWW Seems Like A Cool Chick

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I was all set to do a post about Paul Reiser's show dropping even lower in the ratings, but as my Journalism 101 professor taught us in class, "Tits and knives or GTFO.

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