This Week’s Comics Of Note, Ranked, For May 20


Mad Max arrives on the page... but is his book the top comic of the week?

#DC Comics

Warner Bros. Is Recruiting For The ‘Legion Of Superheroes’ Movie


The Legion of Superheroes might be heading to the silver screen.


The New 52: Week Three


This got delayed due to some technical issues, of the ID-10-T variety.

#Star Trek

Kirk to Seduce Saturn Girl in Trek/Legion Crossover?

The "Star Trek" comics license has been passed around like a flask of cheap Romulan ale: Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Malibu, Marvel again (complete with inevitable X-Men crossover), DC again (through Wildstorm), Tokyopop and now IDW, which has actually been doing a solid job these last few years: their "Wrath of Khan" comic was really good.

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