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If You Want This Special LEGO Rocket Raccoon, You’d Better Be Flush With Cash

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LEGO will release an exclusive 'Guardians of the Galaxy' play set at San Diego Comic Con next week.


World’s Greatest Dad Builds A ’66 Batmobile Out Of Lego For His Daughter’s Minifigs

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George Barris' Batmobile might soon be a Lego set, if one dedicated father has his way.


LEGO Pley Is Pretty Okay: A Review Of The Netflix For LEGO

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Here's a closer look at what exactly you get when you rent LEGO from the Netflix-style startup, Pley.


LEGO People Are Drowning In Oil In Greenpeace’s Bummer Version Of ‘Everything Is Awesome’

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LEGO is in bed with oil company Shell and Greenpeace is NOT happy about it.


What If There Was A Netflix Service For LEGO? Because ZOMG THERE IS NOW!

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It's Christmas in July for those of us that like Danish building blocks!


Check Out ‘The Grand Budapest’ Hotel Built Entirely Out Of Lego Bricks

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It took more than 575 hours and 50,000 LEGO bricks to put together this beauty.

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For The Squeamish ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan, Here’s The Viper Vs. The Mountain In Lego Form

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In case this week's 'Game of Thrones' got a little too graphic for you, 'House Lego' recreated the scene in a much more PG manner.


The 10 Best Lego Sets You’ll Be Able To Buy If There Is Any Justice In This World

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Lego makes it possible for fans to build and promote their original projects, and you can actually help put them in production.


Remember ‘The Simpsons’? They’re Back… And In LEGO Form!

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To tide you over until ALF Pogs are FINALLY released, here is every character on "The Simpsons" in Lego form.


Here’s The Full-Length Trailer For The LEGO-Themed ‘Simpsons’ Episode, ‘Brick Like Me’

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Now there's a full-length, movie-style trailer for this Sunday's LEGO-themed "Simpsons" episode, "Brick Like Me."


Every Ghostbusters Fan Needs To Start Spending Money Now

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This weekend kicked off a celebration of thirty years worth of slime.


Lego Is Satan's Plaything, According To This Rational Priest

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A Polish priest is angry at Lego. Please save any jokes about nationality for the comments section.


World’s Coolest Dad Uses Special Effects To Turn His Three-Year-Old Into An Action Movie Star

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Every parent thinks of their kid as a tiny hero. But one dad is using his video editing skills to make his three-year-old look like one.


The Simpsons LEGO Minifigs Are Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent

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The first pictures of The Simpsons LEGO minifigures are here, and they're everything we wanted and more.


See 10 Of Your Favorite Bands, In Rock Star Lego Form

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Everyone from Minor Threat to the Foo Fighters, in glorious Lego form.


Check Out This Awesome Fan-Made LEGO ‘Simpsons’ Couch Gag


This is cool as hell and must have taken forever. Respect.

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5 Video Game Series That Were Ruined By Open Worlds

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All your favorite video game series are going open world, but is that always a good thing?

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The Trailer For ‘LEGO The Hobbit’ Is Released


Thorin Oakenshield's Twelve would have actually been a better title than "An Unexpected Journey," and Lego's about to show you exactly why.

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