Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s LEGO Invisible Jet: Mostly Visible, Still Awesome

The newest LEGO set is a Justice League extravaganza.

#Jurassic World

Get A First Look At LEGO’s Chomp-Tastic ‘Jurassic World’ Theme In This Leaked Image


Yes, there will be 'Jurassic World' Lego sets, because kids today have it too good.

#Star Wars

The Dark Side Of The Force Helped A Young Padawan Propose To His Girlfriend With ‘Star Wars’ LEGO

Student got a little help from Darth Vader in his marriage proposal. I wonder what kind of wedding present the Sith Lord plans to give them?


This Baby Groot Made Of LEGO May Be The Cutest Version Yet

This fan made baby Groot certainly beats the hell out of the official Lego version.

#Jurassic World

The Next LEGO Video Game Is Almost Certainly Going To Be ‘Jurassic Park’ Based


Make sure your inner child is sitting down, because a Lego Jurassic Park video game is happening.


Darkness! No Parents! LEGO Batman Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie, And Soon.


If you thought Will Arnett's sarcastic, self-important, Bale-parodying Batman was the highlight of 'The Lego Movie', get ready for this.


Let’s Go On Patrol With Batman And His Tiny, Adorable LEGO RC Batpod

Let's join Batman on his tiny, LEGO crusade against the forces of evil, shall we?


Celebrate National ‘Ghostbusters’ Day With This LEGO Animated Short

The 30th Anniversary of 'Ghostbusters' keeps bringing fun stuff to its fans.

lego batman

Brainiac Gets Feisty In The New ‘LEGO Batman 3′ Trailer

'Lego Batman 3' makes with the sweet DC goodness in this new trailer.

#The Walking Dead

Someone Made A Shot-For-Shot LEGO Version Of The ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer


Here's an all-LEGO version of the Season 5 trailer for "The Walking Dead," because... of reasons!


Woo Hoo! This Real Life Lego Springfield Is More Impressive Than The TV Version.


In the latest amazing The Simpsons/Lego crossover, a fan has built a cromulent version of Springfield with the bricks.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Gets Remade In LEGO. You’re Welcome.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy go brick in this remade trailer.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Batman Launches The Bat Rocket In The Latest ‘Lego Batman 3′ Trailer

Batman goes to space and Superman and Wonder Woman go on a date in the latest 'Lego Batman 3' trailer.


Behold The Beach Where LEGO Washes Up On The Shore


Thanks to a shipping accident, the beaches of Cornwall have some very strange plastic residents.

#comic con

If You Want This Special LEGO Rocket Raccoon, You’d Better Be Flush With Cash


LEGO will release an exclusive 'Guardians of the Galaxy' play set at San Diego Comic Con next week.


World’s Greatest Dad Builds A ’66 Batmobile Out Of Lego For His Daughter’s Minifigs


George Barris' Batmobile might soon be a Lego set, if one dedicated father has his way.


LEGO Pley Is Pretty Okay: A Review Of The Netflix For LEGO


Here's a closer look at what exactly you get when you rent LEGO from the Netflix-style startup, Pley.


LEGO People Are Drowning In Oil In Greenpeace’s Bummer Version Of ‘Everything Is Awesome’


LEGO is in bed with oil company Shell and Greenpeace is NOT happy about it.

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