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game of thrones

The 'Game Of Thrones' Lego Set Comes With A Tiny Dragon

By | 16 Comments

Everyone needs to buy the "Game of Thrones" Lego collection, complete with a tiny dragon.


Cat Hijacks Lego Town Promo


Sam Scott Lapin gets some unexpected help during a video presentation about the Lego Town project he did for his son's school.


Let’s Geek Out Over This Retired Lego Mold

By | 4 Comments

This Lego mold produced 120 million little pieces of joy...

Marvel Studios

Is LEGO Spoiling 'Iron Man 3' For Everyone?

By | 11 Comments

According to people who do ridiculous things like “read”, the Iron Man films, as well as Marvel’s The Avengers, have featured bits and pieces of a popular story arc known as “Extremis”.

LEGO Clock


A custom-designed working clock built entirely using LEGO parts.


Felix Baumgartner’s Skydive From The Edge Of Space Helpfully Reenacted With LEGOs


In case you missed it happening live, here's a handy reenactment of Felix Baumgartner's space skydive. With LEGOs. You're welcome.


The LEGO Story


LEGO takes a look back at their history with this short animated film in celebration of their 80th birthday.


Ralph Wilson Stadium, Now In Lego Form

By | 9 Comments

As a kid who could never get past mindlessly trying to fit as many Legos onto one flat green piece as possible, this is especially impressive.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise

By | 4 Comments

In what has quickly become my favorite With Leather-inspired hobby yet – not counting dumpster diving outside Kate Upton’s apartment – I tried to broaden the horizon of TWiOESM by including a little bit of everything.

'Game of Thrones' Fans Go Crazy with LEGO Intro and Westeros Beer Labels

By | 19 Comments

I have no idea what fan artists get in return for their countless hours of effort.


Dwight Howard Convinced To Stay In Orlando By This Heavily Edited Fan Video


I don't know if Ray William Johnson invented that YouTube "edit 3 times in the same sentence so I jump around the screen" thing, but I'm blaming it for him anyway.

Joss Whedon

LEGO May Have Spoiled The Villains In The Avengers

By | 32 Comments

Two weeks ago, LEGO unveiled some samples of its upcoming Marvel series toys, including the highly-anticipated X-Men and Avengers sets, based on the successful comic books and film franchises.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Played With Himself At The International Toy Fair

By | 15 Comments

The 109th American International Toy Fair took place this past weekend in New York City, and among the offerings were new action figures related to the upcoming films G.


LEGO + PS3 Controller + Skyrim = Leveling Up Like A Boss


You know what they say about cheating, right.


Lego Technics + Xbox 360 Controller = Gears of War 3 Achievement

By | 3 Comments

Does anyone else remember playing that track and field game, on the original Nintendo, called Stadium Events.


'Arrested Development' LEGOs? Yuuuuup.

By | 24 Comments

I think it goes without saying that 1,000 years from now, when a history teacher asks his class of 8th graders what the Internet was, "A shrine to something called '<a href="">Arrested Development'</a>" will be accepted as a correct answer.

comic con

Brick Con 2011: Middle Earth Constructed Entirely From Legos


We just passed that time of the year where we tend to devote a ton of attention to Comic Con, and rightfully so.


The NBA Finals Done With Legos


Earlier this year, the geniuses at <a href="">Tauntr</a> celebrated March Madness by recreating some of NCAA basketball's finest moments with Legos.

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