‘Orange Is the New Black’ Writer Realized She Was Gay While Writing ‘Orange Is the New Black’

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A writer for 'Orange Is the New Black' realized she was gay while in the process of writing scenes for the critically acclaimed series.


The Real-Life Alex Vause Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Tells A Different Story Of Her Relationship With Piper

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The real-life Alex Vause gave a fascinating interview with 'Vanity Fair' about her relationship with Piper from 'OITNB'.

Dattch Is A Dating App For Lesbians That's Long Overdue

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Amazingly, lesbians are no longer invisible to the dating app industry, with Dattch.


A Court Ruled That Two Female Teachers That Had Sex In Class Can't Be Fired

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Two female teachers that got hot and heavy in a classroom have been unfired for being in your favorite sexual fantasy.


In Honor Of Ellen Page: How To Write A Celebrity Coming Out Speech In 10 Simple Steps

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In honor of Ellen Page's recent lesbian announcement, Heather runs through the 10 steps to any successful celebrity coming out speech.

Everybody Panic Now Lesbians Have Invaded The Disney Channel

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The Disney Channel featured its first ever same sex couple in an episode of 'Good Luck Charlie' this week.


Heather from ‘Lesbians React’ reviews ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’

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Real lesbian Heather Dockray, from the 'Lesbians React to Blue is the Warmest Color' video, reviews Blue is the Warmest Color.

blue is the warmest color

Real Lesbians React To The Sex Scenes In ‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’: ‘In Real Lesbian Sex, There’s A Lot More Crying.’


After all, realism is one of the first things I demand of my lesbian erotica, just behind “huge bewbs.”


‘Conjoined’ Is The Porn Movie That Explores Sex With Conjoined Twins

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On November 26, Girlfriends Films will release the adult film Conjoined, which in itself isn’t anything to write home about, but once we get into the thick meat of the film’s topic, well… it’s pretty interesting.


Watching Real Lesbians React To Lesbian Porn Reveals Many Truths

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Apparently that lesbian adult video you enjoy so much, not so real, at least according to real-life lesbians.


Jodie Foster sort of came out at the Golden Globes (with transcript)

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(enjoy the video for as long as it lasts, otherwise the full transcript is below) Jodie Foster received the Cecil B.


Brian DePalma's 'Passion' Has A Trailer Now

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Last <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2012/05/rachel-mcadams-passion-looks-fantastic">we checked in on Brian DePalma and his highly anticipated</a> Crime d’amour remake, Passion, Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace were on the poster and totally about to make out.


This Is Pretty Terrible News

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Back in July, former University of Nebraska women’s basketball player Charlie Rogers told police that three men broke into her home, held her down, carved horrific homophobic slurs into her body with knives, and tried to burn her home down with her in it because she’s a lesbian.

Angie Harmon

Lesbian Cop Show Totally Not Gay, Says Actress Playing Lesbo Cop

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TNT's "Rizzoli & Isles" was the inexplicable hit of the summer last year: the series debut pulled in 9 million viewers, and the show averaged 8.



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Below is the first teaser for Season 2 of Showtime's "The Real L Word," which is just like Showtime's "The L Word" but with less attractive lesbians and less interesting plot lines.


‘Glee’ Somehow Got Even Gayer

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Not only did "Glee" debut its first two original songs on last night's episode, it finally showed a kiss between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss).


Have Airlines Got Their Act Together?


Chances are if you flew on an American airline in October you were a pretty pleasant frequent flyer, because the month marked a huge milestone in modern air travel - not a single flight experienced a long delay on the tarmac.


Can World Leaders Save Our Climate?

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You know, when people talk about Cancun I can’t help but think about crazy nights of booze-fueled half-naked romps in hotel swimming pools with girls I barely knew and haven’t spoken to since.

baltimore ravens

Ravens Say No To Hot Lesbian Action

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On September 26, the Baltimore Ravens were busy squeaking out a tough 24-17 win over the Cleveland Browns.

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