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What If Amy Poehler Visited ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ As Leslie Knope From ‘Parks And Recreation’?

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No seriously, what if? Andy Samberg wants Amy Poehler to visit the show as her 'Parks and Recreation' character.

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In Case You Missed It, Last Night’s ‘Parks And Recreation’ Ended With The Perfect Callback

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Last night's excellent second episode of 'Parks and Recreation' had SO MANY FEELS. But did you catch this callback at the end?


A 17-Year Old Leslie Knope Wannabe Asked Joe Biden To Prom And He Sent Her A Sweet Gift

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Joe Biden was too busy to make a Connecticut girl's prom dream come true, but he still sent her something that made her invite worthwhile.


Some Monster Stole Ben And Leslie’s Paris Love Lock From ‘Parks And Recreation’

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The person who stole Ben and Leslie's love lock is history's greatest monster.


In A Bid To Become The Anti-Leslie Knope, Victoria Jackson Is Running For A Local Government Office

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Victoria Jackson has announced that she's filed to run as an independent candidate for a seat on a county commission outside of Nashville, TN.


Leslie Knope Teams Up With The Indianapolis Colts On This Week’s ‘Parks And Recreation’

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The Indianapolis Colts return to NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' to team up with Leslie Knope for the NFL's Play 60 campaign.


We Made A Bunch Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ Themed Halloween Candy. Treat Yo’ Self.

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To combat the lack of a Parks and Recreation Halloween episode on Halloween we've created our own Pawnee-inspired candies.


20 Leslie Knope Reaction GIFs For Every Occasion

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Your all-in-one go to resource for all the Leslie Knope reactions should you ever need them at any point on the internet.


Who Is Going To Play Leslie Knope’s New BFF On Parks And Recreation? Everyone!

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Parks and Recreation show runner Michael Schur said that instead of giving Leslie Knope a new best friend, they'll increase the roles of other characters.


Attack of the Knope


‘Parks & Recreation’ expertly recut as a horror film -- with Leslie Knope as the killer.


VIDEO: ‘Parks & Recreation’ Recut As A Horror Film With Leslie As The Killer

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NBC made a trailer that makes "Parks & Recreation" look like a horror film where Leslie is a dangerous sociopath. Thank God for Amy Poehler.


Kristen Bell Will Play Eagleton’s Leslie Knope On An Episode Of Parks And Recreation

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House of Lies star Kristen Bell will play the Eagleton version of Leslie Knope on an episode of Parks and Recreation during this upcoming season.


Which 'Parks And Recreation' Character Will Be Pregnant In The Season Finale?

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Parks and Recreation has released a teaser video that suggests one of 5 female characters is pregnant, but is it just one of those 5 or is there someone else?


Enjoy This Brief GIF Tribute To Drunk Leslie Knope

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Drunk Leslie Knope may have just sped up the clock on Thursday happy hour.


10 Helpful Reminders Of Why We Hate Eagleton, Pawnee’s Neighbor And Birthplace Of Voldemort

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With their clean parks and kids who don't sell fireworks and lack of used syringes on the sidewalks.


5 NBC Web Videos That Will Have You Feeling All Awesomesauce For 'Parks And Recreation' Season 5

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NBC is really good at making internet-friendly videos, just not so much at marketing them.


Leslie Knope Does The Best/Worst Impressions And Accents: A 'Parks & Rec' Supercut

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Try not to spend the rest of your day in your knickers listening to the Beatles.

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