‘Frozen’ Director Jennifer Lee Is Sorry That You’re Tired Of Hearing ‘Let It Go’

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'Frozen' writer and director Jennifer Lee claims she has to apologize to people who are tired of hearing 'Let It Go.'

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This Australian Shepherd Puppy Adorably Wakes Up And Sings Along When ‘Let It Go’ Comes On

By | 6 Comments

This Australian Shepherd is the cutest thing ever, as it wakes up to enthusiastically sing 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go.'


The World’s Most Adorably Angry Child Chewed Out Her Mom For Laughing As She Sang ‘Let It Go’

By | 15 Comments

Mom laughs during kid's "Frozen" performance and gets absolutely scolded in response.


Hear Pearl Jam Stop Playing ‘Daughter’ To Cover ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’

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The world's most impossible-to-avoid song gets even more inescapable.


A Texas Politician Parodied ‘Let It Go’ In An Attack Ad And It’s Even Worse Than You Think

By | 5 Comments

David Dewhurst isn't about to let Dan Patrick take his job without delivering some ice cold burns.

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It’s Time To Admit The Cartoons Of Our Youth Were Terrible

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The cartoons of our youth are fondly remembered... but that doesn't mean they're any good.

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Let It Go In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ With These Cathartic ‘Frozen’ Mods


'Frozen' and 'Grand Theft Auto IV' have finally been combined in two computer mods benefiting from a spot of the old ultra-violence.

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Brace Yourself For The Greatest, Grossest ‘Let It Go’ Rendition Yet

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A young man tries to nail "Let It Go" from Frozen, and things go horribly wrong.


Patton Oswalt Led The Audience In Singing ‘Let It Go’ At A Recent Show

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At the Kevin and Bean's April Foolishness Comedy Show in L.A., Patton Oswalt led the audience in singing the 'Frozen' hit 'Let it Go.'


Girl Passionately Singing ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ Gets Gloriously Videobombed By Her Dad


Who wants to see a dad videobomb his daughter singing that song from 'Frozen'? Better question, who doesn't want to see that?

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Firefighters Calm Four-Year-Old Girl By Singing ‘Let It Go’ During Rescue

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Further proof that Frozen is the answer to all of the world's problems.

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Watch This Guy Sing ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ In Almost Two Dozen Famous Disney Character Voices

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If you only watch one video today of a man singing "Let It Go" from "Frozen" in 21 different Disney voices, make it this one.

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What’s Wrong With ‘Batman And Robin’? Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Sing ‘Let It Go’, For Starters.

By | 10 Comments

Cinema Sins rounds up everything wrong with 'Batman and Robin', and Arnold Schwarzenegger sings "Let It Go" from Disney's 'Frozen' as Mr. Freeze.


Harvey Weinstein Wants ‘Scream 5′ To Be The Last One

By | 13 Comments

Harvey Weinstein really, really wants 'Scream 5' to happen. No, we don't know why either.

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House Shoes Feat. Danny Brown – “Sweet” Video


Nobody expected to see House Shoes prancing and dancing in videos, word to Suge Knight.

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