THE 1990S

73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: Surf Ninjas


I’d like to apologize for taking a few days away from the very important 73 Sports Movies in 73 Days series, as I wanted to get the Fantasy Football stuff out there for the six people who demand it from me each year and I’m also traveling this week.


This Week In Horrible-Looking People: 30 WWF Trading Cards From 1992


This week, This Week In Horrible-Looking People leaves the world of embarrassing promo photos behind long enough to focus on the glorious pro wrestling trading cards of the early 90s, specifically WWF trading cards from 1992.


Somebody Paid 10K For A 20-Year Old Jug Of McJordan BBQ Sauce Because ‘Michael Jordan’


Back in 1992, McDonald's put bacon and barbecue sauce on a quarter-pounder with cheese and called it the 'McJordan,' because (according to the ad campaign), bacon, barbecue sauce and the other mustards and horse meats that go into making a quarter-pounder with cheese were Michael Jordan's "favorite ingredients".


The Best Of The Philadelphia Phillies 1990s Retro Night


You know those annoying Facebook macros going around with a picture of the Angry Beavers on it or whatever, with a big caption reading "ONLY 90S KIDS WOULD REMEMBER THIS CLICK LIKE" across the top.


Tiziano Crudeli Is Going To Kill Himself Because Of What's Happening In Soccer

This is basically what I look like when I'm watching 'The Wire'.


New Logo Idea: Alligator Holding Bat


What you're looking at may or may not be the new Miami Marlins logo.

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