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Is ‘The Daily Show’ Turning Us Into Cynical A**holes?

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Isn't the inherent cynicism of 'The Daily Show' turning us all into cynics? Lewis Black gives his insights on the theory.


Check Out The First Full Trailer For Pixar’s New Emotion Picture, ‘Inside Out’

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Disney Pixar is hoping that you'll take an emotional ride with them with this new trailer for next summer's 'Inside Out.'

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Black Friday Finally Gets The Frothy, Profane Lewis Black Rant It So Justly Deserves

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If anything was ever deserving of Lewis Black's righteous anger, it's Black Friday.

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Lewis Black Responds To Rush Limbaugh’s Comments About Robin Williams: F*CK YOU

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Lewis Black responds in typical Lewis Black fashion to Rush Limbaugh's comments about Robin Williams' death.


The Daily Show’s Lewis Black And A Bunch Of Random New Yorkers To Texas: ‘F*ck You, Texas!’

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Texas Governor Rick Perry is trying to lure jobs from New York. The Daily Show's Lewis Black did not take kindly to this.


Predictably Hilarious: Lewis Black On Buttchugging And Sex With Farm Animals


I'd been wondering when the Daily Show would hit the most hilarious press conference of all time: the Tennessee buttchugging press conference. Thankfully they left it for Lewis Black to tackle.


The Daily Show Compared Lance Armstrong To Buttchuggers And Donkey F**kers


Lance Armstrong has spent the last ten years and change denying doping allegations, but now, after a 1,000 page collection of evidence and 26 sworn statements from fellow cyclists, he's ready to.


Comments of the Week: Lewis Black Edition

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We have Comedy Central to thank for this week's prize, Stark Raving Black, now It was hard to choose a winner and I went back and forth a few times, but I figure you can't beat the quiet simplicity of ZeroCharisma in the Michael Jai White Teaches How to Throw an Unblockable Punch thread.

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