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Vizio Is Offering ‘Anti-Curve Glasses’ As A Solution To Those Silly Curved TVs In This New ‘Infomercial’

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In their new ad, Vizio takes aim at the curved TV trend promoted by both Samsung and LG by offering Anti Curve Glasses and a seating chart.

Voice Memoirs

LG – Voice Memoirs Mixtape


NOLA MC's back with another project as a prequel to his next mixtape/album Tunnel Vision.

screaming terror

LG’s New Phone Ad Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing You See Today

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The LG G Flex needed an ad emphasizing how "human" it was. Apparently to this ad agency that meant "body horror and lots of it."


LG’s New G Flex Smartphone Bends But Doesn’t Break

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LG's latest creation is the Wolverine of smartphones.


LG Pranks Job Applicants With A Fake Meteor


LG once again uses an elaborate prank to showcase the realistic picture on their displays, this time targeting a bunch of already nervous interviewees with a fake natural disaster.


The World’s Smartest Baby Prank


LG pranks expectant parents during their ultrasound appointments, making them think their children are unreasonably advanced.

World Winds

LG Feat. Chels – “Yoga” Video


Since we've already flexed our pens a few times about the mic prowess of both LG and Chels, let's instead focus on the casual depth of their latest video for "Yoga.

World Winds

LG – World Winds LP

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LG dropped a great mixtape last year that had the TSS e-offices rocking.


Google: You Can’t Find A Nexus 4 Because LG Can’t Make Them Fast Enough

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The Nexus 4 is hard to find, so of course Google and LG are blaming each other for the problem.


Elevator Floor Prank


To showcase the lifelike colors of their new displays, LG put them on the floor of an elevator and scared passengers into thinking the bottom was falling out.


Coming Attractions: The 3rd Annual NOLA Summer Jam


Two years ago, I attended the first ever NOLA Summer Jam.


LG Advertises 3D With Iconic Movie Posters From Different Angles

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Here's some noteworthy new advertising: for LG's "3D Sound" home theater system, ad agency Y&R has created three iconic movie posters from alternative angles to emphasize "Every Side of the Sound.

We Got Now

Here’s Your Formal Introduction To LG’s Synth Sounds. You’re Welcome.

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Even with all of the many ways to come across music on the Internet, it's still hard to top the old-fashioned method of going out and finding new music through word of mouth.


World's First Flexible E-Ink Displays Go Into Mass Production

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We may be finally getting something along the lines of the Skiff Reader and HP's flexible displays from a couple years ago.


Let These Links Massage Your Kitty


PICTURE: Alex Larenty gives a lion a foot massage at The Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.



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At a recent event, LG's president of mobile products Juno Cho was showing off his company's big money sponsorship deal with Transformers when he invited Michael Bay onstage in front of LG employees.

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