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Jimmy Kimmel Got Self-Proclaimed US Soccer Fans To Share Their Thoughts On Landon Donovan’s World Cup Play

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Jimmy Kimmel asks US soccer fans about Landon Donovan's performance in the 2014 World Cup -- which he most certainly did not play in.


Alex Rodriguez’s Deal For A Tell-All Book About His Feud With MLB? ‘Totally Fake’


A new report claims that Alex Rodriguez's supposed tell-all book deal for $5 million was totally made up.


Lance Armstrong Is Ready To Be The Jose Canseco Of Cycling

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Lance Armstrong, a guy who did not cheat unless you have evidence of him cheating and then he totally cheated, is now blaming the UCI for his cheating.


Lance Armstrong Wants Us To Feel Bad About All Of The Money That He Has Lost

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In a new interview, disgraced lying, cheating cyclist Lance Armstrong whines that he has lost a lot of money while others have profited.


Captain Phillips’ Crewmates Called Captain Phillips ‘One Big Lie’

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Tom Hanks is earning rave reviews and huge Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Captain Richard Phillips in the aptly-titled Captain Phillips, which had a pretty solid debut this weekend with $26 million at the box office.


A fan sent Jared Leto a severed ear (UPDATE)

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(See below for Update) Jared Leto recently revealed on a British radio show that a fan once sent him a severed ear.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel gets people to lie about fake Oscar movies

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I hate the obsolete late night show vaudeville format, and I wish Jimmy Kimmel's show could just be a collection of bits like this, a genius segment where he sends a man on the street down to ask people about fake movies they just made up, that people then lie about having seen.

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Five Albums Coming Out This Week That Don't Suck

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As fun as it is to complain about “music these days,” and how it’s all been downhill since The Chronic or something came out, it’s even MORE fun to listen to — wait for it — good music.


Update: The Dutch Are Liars

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Yesterday I brought you the disgusting news that two Dutch TV hosts had dined on chunks of each other's flesh as part of a horrifying experiment/stunt.

why god why?


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A few weeks back I reported on rumors that the studio was looking at Russell Brand for the part of Johnny Depp's sidekick in Pirates of the Carribbean 4.

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