Shocker: Anti-Gay Countries Secretly Love Gay Porn

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Our intrepid porn-search correspondent Josh Kurp touched on this phenomenon a few weeks ago when discussing the most popular (or poopular, in the case of South Africa) porn searches in certain US states and countries.


Obscure film incites protests, attack that kills US ambassador to Libya

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Film news is real news this morning, as a consulate and a safe house in Libya were stormed, and the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens killed along with three others in an attack.


Man Whose Anti-Islam YouTube Video Sparked Attacks On U.S. Embassy Goes Into Hiding

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Naturally, the "amateur filmmaker" whose YouTube video has inflamed Islamic fundamentalists has gone into hiding, like a coward.


Best Headline Ever? The Washington Post Deserves a Pulitzer (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: As FilmDrunkard Russell points out: "The paper that you have in that picture is the Express, which is a free paper that gets passed out at Washington DC Metro stations.

tim hetherington

Tim Hetherington/Libya Update (UPDATE #2)

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UPDATE: The NYTimes is now confirming that Chris Hondros has also died.

tim hetherington

Restrepo co-director Tim Hetherington killed in Libya

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Well this certainly turns down the volume on all the other stupid frivolous crap I was writing about when this story hit.


Raekwon Calls Justin Bieber A Lesbian, R.I.P. Knut The Polar Bear, Etc.


Crisis in Libya International coalition forces led by the U.


Don’t Bahrain On Our Parade


Internet access has been restricted in Bahrain leading up to and in response to the recent protests there.

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