Weekend Movie Guide: ‘The Expendables’ Will Blow You Up For A Third Time

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'The Expendables 3' looks to clean up at the box office, despite being downloaded illegally more times than we can count.


Review: ‘Life After Beth’ Stars Aubrey Plaza As A Jazz-Loving Zombie

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Opening today, 'Life After Beth' is a comedy starring Aubrey Plaza as a zombie who loves smooth jazz.

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Aubrey Plaza Spills About The Time She Photobombed Hillary Clinton And Katy Perry

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Aubrey Plaza got grilled about her Hillary Clinton selfie on Conan and finally revealed why and how she managed to do it.

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Aubrey Plaza Is The Ultimate ‘Worth It?’ Zombie Girlfriend In A ‘Life After Beth’ Clip

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Could we interest you in a movie where Aubrey Plaza plays a zombie? Well here's a clip from indie zombie rom-com 'Life After Beth'.

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Aubrey Plaza Eats People And Knocks Down Buildings In The First Trailer For ‘Life After Beth’

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'Life After Beth' gets into the problems of dating a zombie who can knock down buildings.

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