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16-Year-Old Stowaway Pulls Commando, Survives Flight To Hawaii In Wheel Well Of Jet

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A 16-year-old stowaway survived a trip from Northern California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane.


Russian Scientists Say They Have Enough Woolly Mammoth DNA To Pull A Jurassic Park

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Russian scientists say they have enough DNA to clone a woolly mammoth, thanks to a skeleton discovered last year.


‘Scandal’ Actor Charged With A Felony After A Fight In A Restaurant

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One of your favorite actors on 'Scandal' has been charged with a felony. He is so method, you guys.


An Uzi-Wielding Florida Man Dressed Like Rambo Tried To Shoot Up A Bar. He Failed.

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A Rambo wannabe was tragically disarmed before he could liberate the patrons of a Florida bar.


Drug Lord Who Helped Inspire ‘Traffic’ Killed by Clown Assassins

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The subject of this next story is only tangentially related to movies (his cartel helped inspire characters in Traffic) but every once in a while it feels like Renny Harlin has been writing reality.


Belgian police catch Somali pirate leader by luring him with fake documentary

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With Captain Phillips earning <a href="" target="_blank">rave reviews</a> from Laremy and <a href="" target="_blank">the crew</a> of the Maersk Alabama making headlines, and some even <a href="" target="_blank">talking up the Oscar chances</a> of a Somali limo driver who appeared in the film, Somali pirates can't really be blamed for thinking that they're the next Scarfaces and Corleones.


16-year-old on acid with “super-human strength” spits blood on cops

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This story from yesterday's <a href="" target="_blank">Marin Independent Journal</a> may not be movie-related, strictly speaking, but I'm going to go ahead and file it under "real-life X-Men.


Real-Life Batman, Captain America saved a cat from a house fire and gave it CPR

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Two guys, one dressed as Batman and the other as Captain America, were busy entertaining children at an American Legion charity event in Milton, West Virginia, when a fire broke out at a nearby house.


Missing kid supposedly inspired by Into the Wild found dead

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18-year-old Johnathan Croom went missing in Oregon over the weekend while traveling from Seattle to Arizona, and when his car was found with his IDs and wallet in it, his parents speculated that he may have set out on some Into the Wild-style vision quest.


18-year-old obsessed with Into the Wild still missing in Oregon

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An 18-year-old student at Mesa Community College in Arizona went missing on his way back from Seattle over the weekend.

life imitating art

VIDEO: A guy from Bakersfield built a real-life Wall E

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Bakersfield, California is well on its way to becoming known as more than just the country's third-most important pit stop for dirt and Sonic drive ins, as Bakersfield's own Michael McMaster has built a real-life working replica of Wall E.

life imitating art

Technician in China accidentally broadcasts porn in public square

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A banned porn film was recently broadcast on a giant LED screen for 10 minutes in a public square in China, and according to the BBC, it was all because a tech didn't realize his computer was still connected to the LED screen.


John Travolta crashed a wedding

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While many of his acting peers are beloved, their every real-life good deed fawned over by hundreds of websites, John Travolta has never quite been embraced by the internet generation.


Robert Downey Jr. is a real-life superhero

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I've been procrastinating on my Iron Man 3 review for the better part of an entire weekend, but before I get to that, here's a Robert Downey Jr.


$6,000 theft has police rounding up all the Hollywood Blvd Spider-Men

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I was going to mock up a sweet Usual Suspects Photoshop for this story, but it turns out we already have a non-shopped picture of the real thing: police unfairly profiling and then frisking suspects, just because they happen to be dressed like Spider-Men.


Reese Witherspoon plays the don’t-you-know-who-I-am card in husband’s DUI arrest

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Reese Witherspoon's husband was <a href="" target="_blank">arrested for a DUI in Atlanta </a>over the weekend, an otherwise forgettable sin that was made notable by how much of a haughty brat the report makes Reese out to be.


British Batman Who Foiled Burglary Got Arrested for Burglary :-(

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Sometimes you read a story that restores your faith in humanity, like the time a portly British fellow dressed as Batman <a href="" target="_blank">handed over a burglary suspect </a>at a police station in Bradford, where police had a chuckle, publicly declared that the Batman's identity was still unknown, and went about their business, because British cops are clearly much more chill than the ones in the US, where Batman would surely have been hog-tied and/or tazed.


Hugh Jackman’s stalker threw an electric shaver full of her pubes at him

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When you write about movie stars and celebrities for a living like I do, you start to get a feel for which of them have the craziest fans.

life imitating art

Star Of Escort Documentary ‘American Courtesans’ Was Arrested For Escorting

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A new documentary titled American Courtesans is, according to the <a href="">film's website</a>, "an intimate portrayal of modern day escorts in America.

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