american sniper

Meet The Police Chief Who Quoted ‘American Sniper’ In His Non-Apology For A Dead Informant

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And now some A-hole is paraphrasing 'American Sniper' to explain why it's okay that he may have gotten someone killed.


An Oil Lobbyist Suggested Digging Up Dirt On Liberal Celebrities In A Secretly Taped Speech

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Oil industry lobbyist Richard Berman is the Muppet Movie's Tex Richman come to life.


At Long Last, Scientists Have Produced A Real, Functioning Hoverboard

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It hovers, it's a board, you can stand on it... yep, hoverboards are real.

life imitating art

Hangover 3 Plays Out In Real Life As Highway Bridge Kills Giraffe In South Africa

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Reality is awful enough when it's not trying to imitate The Hangover III.


‘Psycho’ In Real Life: A Brooklyn Woman Slept With Her Mom’s Corpse For Three Years

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A Brooklyn woman was discovered to have been sleeping next to her mom's corpse for three years, which probably smelled almost as bad as your mom.


There’s A Real Guy Named ‘Alpacino’ In Oakland And He’s Been Charged With Murder

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'Tropic Thunder' had a character named 'Alpa Chino,' and came out in 2008, but it turns out a real guy named 'Alpacino' came out in 1985.

life imitating art

India Spent Less Going To Mars Than Hollywood Did Making ‘Gravity’

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India's prime minister says it cost less to send an Indian rocket to Mars than it did to send George Clooney and Sandra Bullock to a room full of green screens.


16-Year-Old Stowaway Pulls Commando, Survives Flight To Hawaii In Wheel Well Of Jet

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A 16-year-old stowaway survived a trip from Northern California to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane.

woolly mammoth

Russian Scientists Say They Have Enough Woolly Mammoth DNA To Pull A Jurassic Park

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Russian scientists say they have enough DNA to clone a woolly mammoth, thanks to a skeleton discovered last year.


‘Scandal’ Actor Charged With A Felony After A Fight In A Restaurant

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One of your favorite actors on 'Scandal' has been charged with a felony. He is so method, you guys.


An Uzi-Wielding Florida Man Dressed Like Rambo Tried To Shoot Up A Bar. He Failed.

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A Rambo wannabe was tragically disarmed before he could liberate the patrons of a Florida bar.


Drug Lord Who Helped Inspire ‘Traffic’ Killed by Clown Assassins

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The subject of this next story is only tangentially related to movies (his cartel helped inspire characters in Traffic) but every once in a while it feels like Renny Harlin has been writing reality.


Belgian police catch Somali pirate leader by luring him with fake documentary

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With Captain Phillips earning rave reviews from Laremy and the crew of the Maersk Alabama making headlines, and some even talking up the Oscar chances of a Somali limo driver who appeared in the film, Somali pirates can't really be blamed for thinking that they're the next Scarfaces and Corleones.


16-year-old on acid with “super-human strength” spits blood on cops

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This story from yesterday's Marin Independent Journal may not be movie-related, strictly speaking, but I'm going to go ahead and file it under "real-life X-Men.

west virginia

Real-Life Batman, Captain America saved a cat from a house fire and gave it CPR

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Two guys, one dressed as Batman and the other as Captain America, were busy entertaining children at an American Legion charity event in Milton, West Virginia, when a fire broke out at a nearby house.


Missing kid supposedly inspired by Into the Wild found dead

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18-year-old Johnathan Croom went missing in Oregon over the weekend while traveling from Seattle to Arizona, and when his car was found with his IDs and wallet in it, his parents speculated that he may have set out on some Into the Wild-style vision quest.


18-year-old obsessed with Into the Wild still missing in Oregon

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An 18-year-old student at Mesa Community College in Arizona went missing on his way back from Seattle over the weekend.

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