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Emilio Rojas – “Champion” Video

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<a href=""> This was ready to roll on Friday, but for most of us, I figured <a href="">Emilio Rojas'</a> empowering "Champion" video might be a better fit after punching out of a long Monday on the clock.


Emilio Rojas – “Right To Stay” Video

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<a href=""> Rappers rap but half of them ain't saying nothing. Hip-Hop is about teaching through its urban art form. <a href="">Emilio Rojas</a> just so happens to be a gentleman and a scholar of the music that can feed the needy better than the nation's best soup kitchen.


Emilio Rojas – Life Without Shame Mixtape (No DJ Version)

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<a href=""> If you're not aware by now, there's a new promotional gimmick going on in Hip-Hop. Since consistency on blogs is now almost more important for budding artists than radio play, keeping their buzz afloat means delivering more reasons for your name to be posted and your music to be heard. Generally, mixtapes have been the most accepted form of doing so, but in recent months change has come and the DJ-free, untagged version of said street releases has now taken the crown of most coveted. Joining the likes Big Sean, The Game and even Marsha Ambrosius as double-dipping artists parlaying every angle they can to succeed, <a href="">Emilio Rojas</a> has reignited his well-received Life Without Shame mixtape, originally <a href="">released last November</a>.


Emilio Rojas Feat. Mickey Factz – “Ex-Girl” Video (NSFW)

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<a href=""> If you can't tell by now, Emilio Rojas is a pimp, swindler and bona fide ladies man. For all those double entendre'd finishers/cramming-28-bars-into-16-bar-stanzas/motor-mouthed lyrical acrobatics he likes to pull off, he never hesitates to let you catch him with a woman. Any type ranging from wifey to hooker tramp, he's got 'em---in his videos. When you live <a href="">Life Without Shame</a>, you're bound to allow some nip-n-clit slips in your visual presentations.

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Emilio Rojas – “Close To Me” Video

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<a href=""> Emilio Rojas may harbor a lot of tenacity on the mic, but he has no <a href="">"Shame"</a> in his game when it comes to snuggling with his honey bunches of oats.


Emilio Rojas Feat. Mike Bigga – “FTW”

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<a href="h"> My boo is mad that I'm buzzin', she's scared that I'm movin' on/A stubborn mothaf#cka, I stuck with her just to prove her wrong... I think it was Maurice Garland who tweeted this awhile back: isn't it odd how "FTW" (for the win) and "WTF" (what the f#ck) use the same letters to describe completely different emotions? This ain't got nothing to do with nothing, I just thought that I should mention. <a href="">Respect to Weezy</a>.

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Emilio Rojas Feat. Jaiden The Cure – “To The Fullest” Video


There's only one life to live and notice you get no sequel.


Emilio Rojas Feat. YelaWolf – “Turn It Up”

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<a href=""> You already knew <a href="">Emilio</a> was going to come extra hard on this.

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