Lifehack Your Way To Being A Better Multitasker

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It's impossible to leave your house without a backpack full of electronic devices, but there's a way to multi-task more efficiently.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Hacks For A Better Man Cave

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Want a better man cave? Here's how to build the perfect one, even if you only have a studio apartment.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Audio And Video

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Need to see and hear the game better on the cheap? We've got the hacks you need.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Keys To Better Snacks

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Have better snacks for your football experience, with these lifehacks.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Ideas For Better Drinks

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Need to chill a beer quickly or serve it in a better way? Here are four ideas for common gameday quandaries.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Barbecuing

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Sick of dry chicken and grey steak? Here's how to get the best barbecue, every time.


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 7 Keys To Next Level Tailgating

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Want to up your tailgate game? Here's how to make it happen.


Six Lifehacks That Will Improve Any Party

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Having a party? Have these tricks handy.


This Chinese Guy Putting On Pants Without Using His Hands Is The Year’s Most Majestic Lifehack Video


Watch as a Chinese man majestically puts on his skin-tight pants without using his hands -- all to the tune of The Final Countdown.


Alton Brown Makes Dog Treats To Replicate Those Delicious Cat Turds Dogs Love So Much


Alton Brown came up with a sort of solution for dogs that eat cat turds by creating a dog treat with the stank dogs love.


Alton Brown Came Up With An Amazing Solution To Annoying Condiment Containers In Your Refrigerator Door


This life hack from Alton Brown will ensure that your mustard will never get stuck at the bottom of the mustard container again.


Watch This Amazing Russian Dude Show You How You’ve Been Taking Off Your Shirt Wrong


CrazyRussianHacker on YouTube demonstrates how to quickly take off your t-shirt with one hand, and everything about it is amazing.

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