the eleventh victim

Here Is The First Clip From 'The Eleventh Victim,' Nancy Grace's Lifetime Movie Starring Metta World Peace

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Nancy Grace made a Lifetime Original Movie. Starring Metta World Peace. As a detective. YUP.


‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer: “They Drink. They Fight. They Fornicate.”

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The trailer for Lindsay Lohan's 'Liz & Dick' features drinking, fighting, fornicating, and that goddamn Internet Explorer commercial song.


I Think The Poster For Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime Movie ‘Liz & Dick’ Is Trying To Tell Us Something

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The poster for Lindsay Lohan's new Lifetime movie appears to contain some sort of subtle, coded message. Maybe one of you can figure it out.


Lindsay Lohan Looks So Hot As Liz Taylor

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At some point in the near future, Lifetime plans to air its original film Liz & Dick about the life and love of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.


What's On Tonight: Go To A Bar

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There is nothing on TV tonight. Go to a bar.


Bryan Cranston’s First TV Appearance Was As A Bisexual Cheating Husband On Lifetime

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Bryan Cranston's first TV appearance was as a bisexual cheating husband on a low-budget Lifetime show called 'Crisis Counselors.' The Internet is great.


The Network for Women Set to Ruin One of Cinema's Greatest Female Characters

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Although NBC has already greenlit the TV series Hannibal with "Pushing Daises" Bryan Fuller on board as showrunner, and even though Fox has a Silence of the Lambs-like drama out next fall -- "The Following" with Kevin Bacon -- and even though there have already been five films based on Hannibal Lector, the Lifetime network -- of all channels -- is planning yet another television series based around Thomas Harris' characters.


5 of Jon Hamm's TV Roles Before 'Mad Men'

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Before "Mad Men," it's safe to say that Jon Hamm wasn't on anyone's radar.


Lindsay Lohan Will Play Elizabeth Taylor and Rosie O’Donnell Is Pissed About It

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Yesterday it was announced that Lindsay Lohan will continue her attempted comeback by <a href="">portraying screen legend Elizabeth Taylor</a> in an upcoming Lifetime Original Movie titled Liz & Dick.


Is Jennifer Love Hewitt the Most Consistently Attractive ‘90s TV Star?

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With all our recent talk of “Mad Men,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Eastbound & Down,” we’ve neglected to inform you that this Sunday is the series premiere of that TV show based on a TV movie about sexxxy massages starring the woman from Heartbreakers’ breasts.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Strips for Her Hooker Mom Show

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Last year, Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in a heinous Lifetime movie called The Client List which was <a href="">described by one critic</a> as "redneck Mad-Libs on acid," while Hewitt was also criticized for a performance that included only three expressions: 1) Crying, 2) Before Crying, and 3) a look that suggested she was pooping in her garters (naturally, she was nominated for a Golden Globe).

rob lowe

Lots of People Watched ‘Untouchable’

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In <a href="">last Friday's Weekend Preview</a>, I led with a reminder about the Lifetime Original Movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable, starring Rob Lowe and featuring the universe-altering line of dialogue, "I'm untouchable, bitch.

rob lowe

“I’m Untouchable, Bitch”

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Here at Warming Glow, we do not spend a great deal of time discussing Lifetime Original Movies.


Lifetime Cancels ‘Roseanne’s Nuts’

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Sad news for fans of reality TV shows about macadamia nut farming: Lifetime has canceled "Roseanne's Nuts," on account of nobody on the planet having any desire to watch Roseanne Barr in Hawaii.


Preview for ‘Russian Dolls’, the Russian ‘Jersey Shore’

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This is something I've been excited for ever since it was Anna (22) – An aspiring model and skillful flirt, Anna recently opened her own modeling school.


What’s on Tonight: Runaway Bride

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Hef's Runaway Bride (Lifetime) -- Hugh Hefner and skittish sugar baby Crystal Harris (right) discuss the sham marriage that didn't happen.

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