Watch This Terrifying Lightning Bolt Strike Right Next To A Person Filming A Rainbow

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Here's your latest reminder that mother nature will whup your ass every time.


This Guy Not Only Survived Being Struck By Lightning, But Caught It On Camera Too

By | 3 Comments

A Seattle man recorded himself being struck by lightning this past weekend.


American Astronaut Reid Wiseman Continues To Dazzle Us With Vines From Space

By | 8 Comments

When Astronaut Reid Wiseman isn't doing all that science stuff on the International Space Station, he's sending amazing Vine's to Earth.


The Luckiest Guy Ever Survived A Lightning Strike That Left His Shoes Charred And Smoking

By | 6 Comments

This guy from Atlanta survived a lightning strike which blew his shoes off, but he was all NBD because that's how they roll in Atlanta.


Lightning Hits the Sea


This is what it looks like when lightning strikes the sea, courtesy of home video shot in Boka Kotorska, Montenegro.


Thunderstorms Blast Gamma Rays, Anti-Matter, Utter Fear

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Thunderstorms act like black holes. You know, in case you weren't already worried about lightning strikes.

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