Lil B Responds To The Game: “He’s Irrelevant”

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<a href="">Lil B</a> fires back at The Game after the Comptonite sent a few shots in B's direction on <a href="">"Goblins Vs. Monsters"</a> and naming the <a href="">"the wackest rapper of all time"</a> in an interview.

Vlad TV

Game: Lil B Is The Wackest Rapper Of All Time

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For once, I fully support Game's words aimed at another rapper.

The Otherside Redux

Rockie Fresh – The Otherside Redux Mixtape


When you make a bomb ass dinner and don't finish it all, you don't throw it away; you have leftovers.


DJ Khaled Scores A Hit, Lil B’s Album Bricks

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Rarely do I care enough about the specifics of sales and chart movements to chatter about them but two from this week caught my attention.


Lil B Gives Away “I’m Gay” Album For Free Download

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Lupe was <a href="">finally right</a> about something; <a href="">Lil B</a> is a "genius.


Lil B Releases “I’m Gay” Album, Lupe Fiasco Calls It “Genius & Revolutionary”

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Like a thief in the night, <a href="">Lil B</a> released his I'm Gay album to iTunes with limited promo or fanfare.


#GasIsTooDamnHigh Says The Hip-Hop Community

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Photo By <a href="">UPI</a> The above picture was taken at a gas station in my hometown of Washington, DC.

tyler the creator

The Week That Was: The Royalty Edition

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<a href="">Insert Your Own Caption Of The Newlyweds -- The Beastie Boys did what the Knicks couldn't - <a href="">take over Madison Square Garden</a>.


How Does Gangsta Gibbs Feel About Lil B’s “Gay” Title?

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<a href=""> If you've ever wondered why we support <a href="">Freddie & co.</a> so heavily, the reason is because we see much of Hip-Hop - the music, surrounding culture, the reverence for original acts.


Lil B Says He’s Gay, GLAAD Says He Better Be

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<a href=""> Whether he was serious or not, it looks like the gay community is expecting Lil B to put out, making good on that <a href="">pesky album title</a> he tossed out.


Lil B Goes Gay

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<a href=""> During the Dipset era, guys wore oversized tees and pants. Phrases like "no homo" and "pause" were commonplace. The Harlem crew lead a fashion trend which fans picked up, turning it into an exaggerated epidemic. Remember when Footlocker stocked sizes 4x shirts and New Era's above size 8 were sold alongside pink doo-rags? Yeah, thought so. Fast forward to 2011, the time where rap fans wear tight Wranglers and snug shirts, yell "swag" and beg their favorite rappers to fornicate with their closest loved ones. And their leader to whom they pray is Lil B. And at Coachella yesterday, Lil B announced he was going gay. So what's the obvious next step for his fans? They began to <a href="">embrace the gay</a>.

The Hundreds

Lil B x The Hundreds

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<a href=""> I have no words in response to how far Lil B's deftly managed to climb his way to new heights. Official Based God tees crafted in part by <a href="">The Hundreds</a>.


Lil B – “Illusions Of Grandeur” x “Touching & Emotional” Videos

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No one formally asked if you were ready for a double helping of based in your face, mouth, nostrils and bellybutton.

Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh Feat. Lil B – “So Gone (Based Remix)”

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<a href="">Words by C. Paicely <a href="">Rockie</a> may be a fresh face, but he's already learned the benefits of connecting with Hip-Hop's busiest worker bee.


On Lil B, Diddy, Odd Future And SXSW

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There was something different about SXSW this year that was hard to put a finger on at first.

T.H.C. (The Hustler's Catalog)

Smoke DZA – “#KUSHEDGOD” Video

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<a href=""> Yo Smoke! No one man should have all that sour. Young Kushedgod, is getting Stoopid McNoopid with his campaign to get T.H.C. (The Hustler's Catalog) to win the Piffulitzer Prize. The latest ashes of his beautiful dark hazy fantasy has the Harlem representer conjuring up visions of <a href="">a Kanye movie</a> with meteoric-sized weed nuggets flying at him from all corners of the earth.


Lil B – Illusions Of Grandeur

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<a href=""> And <a href="">Athrin</a> thought the title was <a href="">a well-crafted barb</a> by Beware.


Lil B Feat. Phonte & Jean Grae – “Base For Your Face” (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

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<a href=""> This summer, when we figured out why <a href="">Based God</a> was so damn strange, half of us realized there would be a point in time where his gimmick would work and the attention would lead to legitimate connects with legitimate artists.

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo Feat. Lil B – “Based” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Curtis may kick it with DeAndre</a> but Marvin knows who to stand next to get influenced by that "Evil Flame" spirit.

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