Nike MVPuppets: The Handshake

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The MVPuppets and Lil Dez are back, along with a featured appearance from Cavs center Zydrunas Ilgauskas in this latest commercial.


Kobe Bryant’s Return To Rap

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Nike continues to march forward with one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever with two new clips from the MVPuppets (and Lil' Dez).


MVPuppets: Mystery Of The Missing VII


The MVPuppets return with the Mystery of the Missing VII, as a culprit pilfered LeBron's sneakers.


Lil’ Dez Big Nike

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While Kobe got got his ring, Lil' Dez got some kicks.

Style Kicks and Gear

Nike Lil’ Dez Tee

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Our friends over at Nike just sent us this graphic of Lil' Dez that's going to be on a tee dropping any day now.


Nike Lil’ Dez “Congrats Kobe” Big Nike & T-Shirt

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Nike x Lil Dez pay homage to Kobe winning the chip.

#LeBron James

The Dunk!!!!

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Update -- Ebaums > TMZ TMZ's name, not mine.

#LeBron James

The Greatest Dunk Never Seen

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“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.


Nike MVPuppets Shirt

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*Jojo @ 1:50* Nike plays one of their final cards in the MVPuppets campaign.


Nike’s MVPuppets: LeBron & Lil Dez Commercial

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"That’s why the introduction of Lil’ Dez was crucial.

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