The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle: David Banner ‘s “Like A Pimp”

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"When I hit the club, I'ma be with David Banner, A thug-ass n****a with bad table manners" We're here today, ladies and gentlemen, to raise our glasses to the triumphs of Lil Flip and David Banner.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Slim Thug’s “Buss The Tech (Lil Flip & Sqad Up Diss)”

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Despite Sqad Up never amounting to much musically sans Weezy, the third verse on Slim Thug's "Buss The Tech" basically serves as their tombstone.

The Police Blotter

Lil Flip Arrested For Ridin’ Around And Gettin’ It With AR-15 Assault Rifle, Marijuana

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Earlier this year, I found myself wondering where and what the hell happened to Lil Flip.


10 Artists Who’ll Never Come Back

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Graphic by Talia The recent rally behind Lauryn Hill after her East Coast Rock The Bells stop will soon die down once fans remember the harsh truth -- we lost Lauryn long years ago.

Young Jeezy

“Gangstas’ Paradise, No Haters Allowed…”

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It's literally "so much white it'll hurt your eyes" outside in DC currently.


Lil Flip – “Kim Kardashian”

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Usually when you make a song for a woman and title it after her, you've had a relationship with her, you're courting her, or she broke your heart.

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