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Lil Jon Threw Out The Opening Pop Fly At Friday’s Dodgers Game


One of my favorite moments during <a href="" target="_blank">Saturday night’s UFC 160 PPV</a> was when the camera showed rapper and Dave Chappelle muse Lil Jon bro-hugging some random guy who was barely important enough to be on camera, because it just adds fuel to my long-standing argument that the UFC really needs to start reaching out to more celebrities.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody


What happens in Middle Earth, stays in Middle Earth.

adam sandler

Meet The Guy Who Takes The Most Awkward Photos With Celebrities Ever

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There are a million reasons that I love <a href="">Reddit</a>, among them the feeling of community, the camaraderie of the Internet’s most creative minds, and the righteous championing of a variety of social and political causes, but today it’s because it introduces us to someone truly remarkable: The presently anonymous gentleman above.


White Kids Cover Lil’ Jon And The Eastside Boyz From A Dorm Room, Harmonize ‘Sweat Drop Down My Balls’

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So <a href="" target="_blank">this dorm room cover of "Get Low"</a> went viral pretty quickly.


Jose Canseco Will Lose Another Job

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In between leading a crusade for truth in baseball and begging New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson to let him play first base, Jose Canseco apparently made a deal to be a contestant on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.

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