The Last Call

Playboy Tre Feat. Lil Jon – “Ready Go” Video

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<a href=""> "Ready! Ready! Go! Go! GottalilbreadbutIneedalotmore..." Top notch tracks deserve the top notch video treatment and Playboy Tre said his crunktastical duet with Lil Jon looked like a job for the Motion Family. Well it seems like our drunken master took a bit of lost to Rittz, Alabama's reigning Hip-Hop alcoholic. But instead of retiring into a life of soberiety, Tre decides to train for his next shot at killing his kidneys for the Big Gulp Champion Red Cup. Dark liquor for stamania, white poison for muscle building. And daily wrist-ups of malted barley just to stay sharp for The Last Call. Tre already <a href="">earned his stripes for 2010's binging royale</a>, but will it be enough to shake 2011's hangover.

People's Champion Mixtape

“U Don’t Like…” Eli Porter, Lil Jon & Diplo?

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<a href=""> I don't think Lil Jon & Diplo had any direct relationship with this, as it seems Eli & co. simply slapped a garbled verse onto <a href="">Diplo's original</a>.

The Weathermen

Playboy Tre’s Last Call

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<a href=""> Symbolically, The Last Call could be perceived as listeners' last shot to board the bandwagon before buddy makes his move toward popularity and acclaim. <a href="">Tre's</a> covering everyone's bar tab here so it's free to enjoy.


Lil Jon Feat. 3OH!3 – “Hey” Video


<a href=""> Did you forget all about Lil Jon's <a href="">Crunk Rock</a>.


Chelsea Lately’s Rapper Roundtable

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<a href=""> Dare I say <a href="">Chelsea</a> was in heaven as she gathers three rappers for the roundtable, with the topics ranging from the Kardashians, Lilo's clink time and booties.

Ya Boy

Summer Skeetox > Detox


<a href=""> Mainly because one is a hoax and the other actually takes place. This summer, Planet Los Angeles will officially be the hotspot for live Hip-Hop because </a><a href="">DJ Skee</a> is ensuring that it is so with special editions of his Skeetox event series in June, July and August.


“Outta Your Mind” – Review Of Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock

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<a href=""> Though, you won't hear his name being glorified amongst the ranks of a Rakim or DJ Kool Herc, Lil Jon deserves to be recognized as a pioneering author in Hip-Hop's chapters of culture expansion all the same. Through his seemingly limitless array of chart-topping production combined with an unequivocal charisma, the Atlanta wildman all but invented the Crunk subgenre as he made it into a lucrative and undeniable phenom. He even established credibility on all edges of the map, collaborating with lyricists such as Nas, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes to increase his popularity amongst disbelievers. As in the case of every overwhelming success, though, copycats, label turmoil and an insatiable demand for appearances led to the King of Crunk taking an undetermined hiatus at the height of his career. As always, the show must go on and Jon blows the dust off the four-year-old <a href="">Crunk Rock</a> to rebuild his empire.

r kelly

The Chappelle Show All-Stars Unite

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<a href=""> <a href="">R. Kelly</a> and <a href="">Lil Jon</a> share little in common, besides their ear for beats and the infamy of being eviscerated by Chappelle's Show.

vampire weekend

Vampire Weekend – “Giving Up The Gun” Video

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In an effort to show celebrities love their music as much as they do, Vampire Weekend hit up Jake Gyllenhaal, RZA, Lil Jon and Joe Jonas for cameos in the group's latest visual off Contra.


Quality > Quantity.

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In 2009, <a href="">Pitbull</a> had over 120 million Youtube views.

Yung Joc

Mams Taylor – King Amongst Men: The Lost Album


You may not have heard of Mams Taylor but obviously he has more than enough industry co-signs to peak even the casual fans interest.


LMFAO Feat. Lil Jon – “Shots” Video

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I give credit to <a href="">LMFAO</a>.


“Saturday Love…”

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Hot for the upcoming summer season, Glasses Malone just dropped an extremely breezy remix to his track "Sun Come Up," featuring T-Paid, Rick Rawse and the Hoobanger himself, Mack 1-0.

The Game

Yeaaah!!! What?!?! OKAAAAAY!!!

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Could this be the year Crunk Rock actually sees the light of day.



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Mick Boogie & DJ Benzi – Motivation 2

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Anybody who knows me knows I'm a loyal believer in these two dudes.

Yung Berg

Buy, Sell, Trade.

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So it turns out <a href="">auctioning ice</a> is the next big cash cow.

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