Violence In Chicago

Young Chiraq: New Documentary ‘The Field: Chicago’ Investigates City’s Emerging Music, Dark Violent Side

By | 17 Comments

Whether listeners appreciate the new wave Chicago rap or not, this vibrant video documentary speaks volumes about their drawing power.


Doe Boy Ft. Lil Mouse – “Don’t Play That” Video

By | 18 Comments

Cleveland trapper Doe Boy recruits all the boys in the hood and then some to emphasize that they "Don't Play That," a purposely ambiguous threat meant to discourage people from messing from them.


Meet Lil Mouse, The Next Controversial Kid Rapper

By | 33 Comments

With <a href="">Chief Keef possibly headed back before a judge</a> for potential legal trouble, the way is opening up for rap to welcome in a new teenager.


Lil Mouse’s Biggest Fan Turns Up In His Room Listening To “Get Smoked”

By | 28 Comments

We're probably all in agreement Lil Mouse should be in a classroom as opposed to be possibly becoming the next artist out of Chicago to make a name for himself.

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