The World According To Julie J: Save The Blue M&Ms For Me

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Praises due to Peewee for helping to save the week.

Walking Legend

Fredo Santana “F*ck The Other Side” x Lil Reese “Irrelevant” Video


Pair of GBE affiliates found their way into the news cycle with a pair of releases.


Lil Reese Ft. Fredo Santana & Lil Durk – “Wassup” Video


It's three the hard way out of the GBE clique as Fredo Santana and Lil Durk link with Lil Reese for the brash number "Wassup.

The Police Blotter

Lil Reese Arrested, Charged With Auto Theft Involving BMW

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Another Glory Boy made The Police Blotter over the weekend, but it wasn't Chief Keef.

The Police Blotter

So, Lil Reese Got Locked Up After Cops Found Him Sleeping In A Car #3hunna

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GBE rapper Lil Reese was arrested early Sunday morning on a warrant that was issued just two days before.


Lil Reese Ft. Juelz Santana – “Bodies”

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Lil Reese drops a track to sooth all of your trap-happy needs in "Bodies.


Lil Reese – “Walter Payton” Video

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The last time we saw Lil Reese, an ugly video depicting him physically assaulting a young female was making all the news.


Lil Reese: “I Can Admit My Wrongs And I Apologize”

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Late Friday night, Lil Reese issued an apology via Twitter after coming under intense fire once the video of him attacking a young woman went viral.


Are We To Blame For This Video Of Lil Reese Beating Up A Young Woman?

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The biggest news on the net two weeks ago was a video of a bus driver upper-cutting a 25-year old female that had attacked and spit on him.


Chief Keef Laughs After Rival Rapper Lil Jojo Is Killed

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A little over a month ago, we saw Lupe Fiasco overcome with emotion as he watched video of friends whose young lives were snuffed out by violence.


Lil Reese – Don’t Like Mixtape

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Lil Reese is another prominent member in Chicago's emerging rap scene that the labels are quickly scooping up.

The New Chicago

Three Quick Notes About Freddie Gibbs’ “Baby Face Killa”

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Upon hearing Freddie Gibbs will be dropping the long anticipated Baby Face Killa May 28, I immediately began thinking.

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