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Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of ‘Mean Girls’ With Your Own ‘Fetch’ Bracelet

By | 14 Comments

The movie fans at Stella and Bow have created a special line of 'Mean Girls' jewelry to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary.

Grand Theft Auto

The Hollyweird Legal Round-Up: Ellen Pages Leaked “Nudes”

By | 22 Comments

Did you know Ellen Page's leaked, digitized nude pictures are floating around the internet? Buttockus Finch, Esq. takes us to school. Nude school.


Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2013, In Excruciating Pun Form

By | 68 Comments

Mr. Skin announces his top 10 nude scenes of 2013, in excruciating pun form.


Lindsay Lohan Noticed ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Made A Lot Of Money And Now She Wants Some

By | 10 Comments

Lindsay Lohan is apparently suing the makers of 'Grand Theft Auto V'...

Alexander Skarsgård

The Best Of The ‘Eastbound & Down’ Series Finale: The End. Cut To Black.

By | 38 Comments

The series finale of 'Eastbound & Down' wrapped up this season's loose ends and gave Kenny Powers the ridiculous, offensive ending he deserved.


Let’s Talk About Lindsay Lohan And [SECRET CAMEO] In The ‘Eastbound & Down’ Finale

By | 28 Comments

Lindsay Lohan and a very special HBO star appeared in the final episode of "Eastbound & Down."


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Freddy Krueger For Halloween, Partied With Lindsay Lohan

By | 7 Comments

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended a Halloween party as Freddy Krueger and hung out with Lindsay Lohan. The horror!


New Poll: America Likes Hemorrhoids And Cockroaches More Than Congress

By | 4 Comments

According to Public Policy Polling, more Americans like having hemorrhoids than they like Congress. Sounds about right.


Lindsay Lohan Returned To Mean Girls Form To Co-Host ‘EW!’ With Jimmy Fallon

By | 6 Comments

Lindsay Lohan stopped by Late Night to co-host Jimmy Fallon's fictional TeenNick program.

Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Host The ‘SNL’ Season Premiere?

By | 10 Comments

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan will host the 39th season premiere of "SNL."


Lindsay Lohan Will Appear In The Upcoming Season Of ‘Eastbound & Down’

By | 9 Comments

HBO has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan will play a main character's illegitimate daughter on the next season of "Eastbound & Down."


Ben Affleck Visited Lindsay Lohan In Rehab And Gave Her A Little Career Advice

By | 9 Comments

Actor, director and rehab graduate Ben Affleck visited Lindsay Lohan during her latest stint in rehab and offered her a little career advice.

bret easton ellis

REVIEW: The Canyons is so Post-Empire it hurts

By | 32 Comments

So Post-Empire It Hurts If you've been following Bret Easton Ellis for the last few years, you know he's obsessed with the idea of "<a href="" target="_blank">Empire" and "Post-Empire</a>.

james deen

‘The Canyons’ Producers Purposely Leaked Those Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Topless Online

By | 7 Comments

Those photos of Lindsay Lohan topless you see online? Those were intentionally leaked.


Oprah Is Going To Interview Lindsay Lohan And Give Her A Reality Show

By | 6 Comments

So here's a little late breaking, non-Sharknado, Friday afternoon news: Oprah Winfrey has landed the first post-rehab interview with Lindsay Lohan, and is <a href="">giving her a reality show</a>.


Justin Bieber Touched The Stanley Cup But Is He The Worst Celebrity To Ever Do So?

By | 16 Comments

Pop sensation Justin Bieber got to do what most NHL fans will never do in their lifetimes recently, when <a href="" target="_blank">he posed for a picture with Lord Stanley’s Cup</a> in the locker room of the NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks.


‘Mean Gurlz’ Imagines If Lindsay Lohan’s Cady Had Gone To An All-Black School

By | 4 Comments

You love "Mean Girls," right? Then you'll love its all-black retelling, "Mean Gurlz."


If They Melded: Reese Witherspoon + Steve Buscemi Edition


<a href="">Conan O’Brien</a> mashes together video footage of celebrities, and the results are horrifying.

Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan Dressed Up As Sailor Moon On ‘Anger Management’ Because…?

By | 18 Comments

Someone needs to explain Lindsay Lohan dressing as Sailor Moon on "Anger Management" to us.

david letterman

Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan Last Night, Made Her Cry

By | 69 Comments

Lindsay Lohan appeared on Letterman's show last night. And yes, it was every bit as awkward as you'd imagine it would be.

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