Add ‘Broken Testicle Veins’ To The List Of Injuries You Never Want To Hear Again

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In a 2-0 loss to Barcelona, Getafe defender Alexis Ruano was carried off the pitch by stretcher after he suffered broken veins in one of his testicles.

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Kevin Garnett's Honey Nut Cheerios And Other Athletes Re-Imagined As Breakfast Foods

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In one of the better “Boys will be boys” stories of this early sports year, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony reportedly took offense to something that Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said to him during Boston’s 102-96 victory on Monday night.


Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi Star In An Unbelievably Unrealistic Airline Commercial

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It's hard to imagine what Turkish Airlines tried to accomplish when the company recently featured athletic demigods Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi in a recent advertisement.


Snoop Lion, Lionel Messi & Andrew Luck “Join The Club” In FIFA 13 Ad

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There's not much Electronic Arts can do to get fans of the popular FIFA video game series anymore excited about the upcoming 2013 title.


Lionel Messi's Gorgeous Free Kick


Lionel Messi scores a beautiful free kick goal during a match against Real Madrid today.


A Not-So Friendly Clasico Exposed The Gap Between Lio Messi & Neymar

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Your boy Tinsley told you all to <a href="">seize this weekend at all costs</a>.

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LeBron, Tiger Woods Place High On Depressing Forbes Celebrity Power List

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Forbes magazine today released their annual <a href="" target="_blank">The World's Most Powerful Celebrities</a>, a top 100 list that ranks stars based on press coverage, social media buzz and whose agents paid Forbes the most money to put them on a list.

Alexis Sanchez

10 Points From The Champions League Semi-Finals

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Begrudgingly, I was denied an El Clasico Champions League Final.

Alexis Sanchez

Champion’s League Semi-Finals Recap: Bayern Munich Outduels Real Madrid, Chelsea Beats Barcelona

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A <a href="">Real Madrid</a> vs <a href="">FC Barcelona</a> Final.


Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow Part Of Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World

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Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic and Argentine footballer Lionel Messi are among the sports stars named on Time magazine's <a href=",28757,2111975,00.html" target="_blank">"The 100 Most Influential People In The World"</a> for 2012, listed alongside such world-shapers as Burmese President U Thein Sein, public health statistician Hans Rosling and the red-haired lady who isn't Emma Stone from The Help.

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Champions League Semi-Finals Recap: Chelsea Faces Barca, Real Madrid and Munich Advance


The Champions League final four are set with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid as this year's representatives.

adidas ClimaCool Seduction

Beckham, DRose, Messi & Katy Perry Roll Out Adidas’ New ClimaCool Seduction

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<a href="">adidas</a> breaks out the star power to introduce their newest runner, calling on the likes of David Beckham, Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi and Katy Perry to go "all in" while running and rocking the ClimaCool Seduction.


The Greater Goal: Messi’s Free Kick Or Ronaldo’s Backheel?

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Michael Jordan didn't give fair warning <a href="">when he jammed home a missed</a> Scottie Pippen free throw.

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Ronaldo Not Enough: Real Madrid Falls To Barcelona Yet Again

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The last time FC Barcelona and Real Madrid met in the Copa del Rey, <a href="">Cristiano Ronaldo</a> and company took the trophy in the Final.


Shakira Is A Very Good Reason To Like Soccer

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Last we <a href="">checked in on international pop superstar Shakira</a>, she was dumping her no-good soccer star boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, because he allegedly couldn’t stop putting his balls in other girls’ nets.


Barcelona Defeats Real Madrid 3-1 In Final Clasico Of 2011

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<a href="">FC Barcelona's</a> goalkeeper flubbed a clearance resulting in a <a href="">Real Madrid</a> goal in the first minute of the game but with a little luck and resiliency, Barcelona won 3-1 to tie their rivals as league leaders in Spain.


Is Leo Messi The New Charlie Sheen?

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Charlie Sheen made a few headlines when he picked up over a million followers in his first day on Twitter.

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Zidanes Y Pavones: Barcelona Routs Real Madrid

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<a href=""> Back in the early 2000's as Real Madrid assembled their Champions League-winning squads, the term “Zidanes y Pavónes” was coined to describe their recruitment policy. On one side were the world-class stars—the “galácticos” the likes of <a href="">Zinedine Zidane</a> and <a href="">Luis Figo</a>—and on the other were home-grown academy products such as <a href="">Francisco Pavón</a> to plug the gaps where money couldn’t.

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The World Cup Vs. Sobriety

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<a href=""> Only a week into the World Cup, I’m pretty certain I’ll soon need a recovery period break. You see, this is my first as a conditionally legal alcoholic. It also marks the first time in my short life that drinking at 7am daily has been considered normal, even admirable behavior (in the sense of physical endurance and accomplishment). It’s been quite the vicious cycle. By the time the day’s second match kicks off at 10am, the taste of $6-a-pack Sapporos (quite the steal in NYC, mind you) and Newports is stained in my teeth. Then, the countdown begins until I can race over to the $1-a-slice pizza spot on St. Mark’s that opens at 11, praying that they got an early start on the pepperoni pies (they hardly ever do). And the cycle-within-a-cycle continues for the third match at 2pm—all the while I try to conduct a normal workday and later strive to chase after the women wearing next-to-nothing at nighttime in NYC. Thank god I’m “working from home” this summer. It goes without saying then that my beloved Three Lions need to win against Algeria. The disturbing lack of dental hygiene, the packing on of the pounds (four already *pats self on back*), the lost iPhone amidst a drunken stupor, and the dwindling bank account this week must have some greater justification. If “my team” continues playing until July 11th and thus the cycle keeps going, too, then so be it. The 20 pounds of pizza fat that will have boosted my cup size and the mounting debt that will have prevented me from paying my cable bill (Mad Men, next month!) will have been worth it and all will be forgiven. Any fan of any squad would agree. Assorted Recap -- France sucks (and props to Mexico). But just like ’06, they can qualify for the knockout stage with a decisive win in their last group game (against South Africa) and with some help in the other match. Then, who knows what French squad will show. -- Greece may have won their first World Cup match ever, but this ain’t <a href="">Euro ’04</a>.

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Lionel Messi & FC Barcelona As The Little Giants

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<a href=""> Any recent soccer coverage (especially from that of a non-football site) must make mention of Lionel Messi. Over <a href="">the past month</a> in particular, <a href="">the play</a> of the little Argentine has suggested that he could be the greatest soccer player ever—at 22, mind you.

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