Lisa Lampanelli Does Not Regret Writing What Might Be The Worst Tweet Of All-Time

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In case you were wondering, Lisa Lampanelli is fiercely defending the potential Worst Tweet Ever, the one in which she referred to ubiquitous awkward white girl Lena Dunham as "my nigga."


Is This Lisa Lampanelli Tweet About Lena Dunham The Worst Tweet Of All-Time? Yeah, Probably.

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Yes, the tweet I believe could be the worst tweet in Twitter history involves a photo of Lisa Lampanelli and Lena Dunham. Trust me, it only gets worse from there.


Lisa Lampanelli Won Last Night’s Charlie Sheen Roast On Twitter

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I know I can't be the only one who tuned into Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen's roast last night and immediately thought, "Where the hell is Lisa Lampanelli.


Yup, That’s A Burn: The Very Best Jokes From Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts

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In just a few hours, Comedy Central will air the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, coincidentally on the same night that America’s favorite insane celebrity’s former show, "Two and a Half Men," will air with his replacement, Ashton Kutcher.


David Hasselhoff Got Roasted

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Comedy Central aired its roast of David Hasselhoff last night, and it was predictably cruel and tasteless, so of course I loved it.

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