When Life Hands You Lemons, Become A Blogger

Today's featured links, including a piranha used as scissors, life literally handing you lemons, and sound advice from Cosmo Kramer.


Free Mustache Rides And Other Things That Float Your Goat

30 GIFs to Celebrate Lizzy Caplan’s 30th Birthday |UPROXX| ‘Louie’ Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From ‘Something Is Wrong’ |Warming Glow| This Week in Posters & Stills: Old Pictures of Channing Tatum Stripping |Film Drunk| What The Heck Is Brooklyn Decker Still Doing At Wimbledon.


Verbatim Perfects Weightlessness, Thieves Perfect Vacuums

Verbatim has a new Clip-it USB drive in 2 GB and 4GB which also doubles as a paperclip, so you can hold all your pictures of Xzibit together with a flash drive full of Xzibit mp3's.


Lindsay Lohan “is literally falling apart” & weekend preview


Don't worry, I'm still doing a normal Weekend Preview post.

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