My Life According To Phonte Part 5: Charity Starts At Home

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For a newly married man, Charity Starts At Home was a guide to married life that didn't pull any punches.


The 50 Greatest Basketball References In Hip-Hop History

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A wise man once said "I swear sports and music are so synonymous 'cause we want to be them, and they want to be us.

The Foreign Exchange

My Life According To Phonte Part 4: The Milk’s Gone Bad

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When I started this series about Phonte, I knew it'd come to this. This being about the time Tigallo let me down.

The Minstrel Show

The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “Cheatin”

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Revisiting the hilarious throwback from The Minstrel Show.


My Life According To Phonte Part 3: Tigallo Sets The Blueprint

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Two people made me want to do what I do for a living now.

Rapper Big Pooh

My Life According To Phonte, Part 2: Blackface And A Storm Named Katrina

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I'm not sure if this is true for everyone in college, but it's pretty much law for everyone I've talked to.

#Kanye West

The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother Ft. Kanye West and Consequence’s “I See Now”

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It doesn't seem so long ago when Little Brother were the exciting, new hip-hop kids on the block and Kanye West wasn't a pop star we wanted to punch in the face.

Rapper Big Pooh

My Life According To Phonte, Part 1: Backpacking To North Carolina

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Prologue: I hate that when Little Brother is mentioned, Rapper Big Pooh is merely an afterthought.

The Listening

The iPod Shuffle – Little Brother’s “The Yo-Yo”

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Music in your formative years often ties to a good memory or feeling.

#Jay Z

Surviving The Struggle: 20 Motivational Rap Songs

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Rap's full of obnoxious boasts and rants of wanting life's finer things.


Count It Off: 22 Tunes With Numbered Titles

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Graphics By Dimplez We here at The Smoking Section love playlists (as evidenced by our monthly Crew Love posts).


On Drake, Phonte & The Fear Of Getting Murdered On Your Own Sh*t

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In this month's issue of The Source, cover boy Drake dished out his top five albums of all time.


Little Brother Grows Up: 9th Wonder & Phonte Reconcile

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As fans of many Hip-Hop purists' favorite trio from the past decade, it's been a shame to see Little Brother fall apart for whatever reason, especially since we here @ TSS have grown up alongside them, to a certain extent.


Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 19


Pic: GOT With over an hour of music and social commentary, the Shirt is back.


5.8 The Cooler

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Meisha Dear Mama: 15 Mother's Day Videos [Billboard] Woman Bedbound For 6 Months By Huge Breasts [The Sun] Every Magazine Your Girlfriend Ever Read [TRU] Alabama Man Awarded $1,000,000 for Perfection [2KSports] 40,000 Sex Workers Will Flood South Africa for the World Cup [Gawker] Little Brother [...].

#LeBron James

The Week That Was: The RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Edition

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-- Guru's passing put a damper on 4:20 and perhaps added incentive for countless fans to "Take Two And Pass" with his spirit in mind.


Little Brother – “Star”

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Checking the labeling of the song, Phonte dubbed this one "Straight from myTunes to yoTunes.

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