The Great Debater

Skyzoo – “Could’ve Struck The Lotto” x “Written In The Drums” Videos

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Almost eight months have passed since The Great Debater dropped and Skyzoo is doing his part to keep it from fading to the back of our memory banks with the release of the “Could’ve Struck The Lotto” video.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Skyzoo & !llmind

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Strength is generally found in numbers and the pairing of one of Hip-Hop's most studious lyricists along with a divergent producer proves just that.


Skyzoo & !llmind – “Speakers On Blast” Video

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When the lyricism, production and overall execution all align to create an ominous glow, you better have the volume all the way turnt up to damage your inner ear canals.


Skyzoo & !llmind – “Frisbees”

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Although you may have peeped "Popularity" getting a brief guest spot on HBO's Entourage this week, "Frisbees," the first taste of Skyzoo's joint album with producer.

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