#Oscars 2015

The 87th Academy Awards: Vegas Odds, Prop Bets, And Live Thread

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Talking, betting, drinking - it's all here in the Oscars live thread.


WWE Battleground 2014 Open Discussion Thread

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The official WWE Battleground 2014 open discussion thread, for use when wanting to discuss Cameron vs. Naomi and whatever else is happening.


WWE Legends House And NXT Open Discussion Thread 5/1/14: IT’S ASHLEY, LOOK EVERYBODY IT’S ASHLEY

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It's Ashley, everybody! Ashley has arrived. Have you met Ashley. Ashley's here! If you miss her, she'll be back three more times.


WWE Legends House And NXT Open Discussion Thread 4/24/14: Yep, We’re Doing This

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An open discussion/jokeatorium for WWE Legends House and WWE NXT, both airing on WWE Network. If you want these to continue, share it!


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/21/14

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Your live thread and open discussion forum for WWE Raw, April 21, 2014. Daniel Bryan's back, and the IC title contender tourney continues.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/14/14

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Your official With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread for April 14, 2014. Daniel Bryan happiness, Ultimate Warrior sadness and more.


LIVE Q & A With ‘Surviving Jack’s Justin Halpern

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Ask Justin Halpern anything you want to and he'll answer. Seriously, dude's f*ckin' crazy.


Your Oscars 2014 Live Thread

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Your official 2014 Oscars live thread. Red carpet coverage starts at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET on ABC.


The UPROXX 2014 Golden Globes Live Thread

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Our annual live thread where you're all invited to get cranky and celebratory with the UPROXX gang during the Golden Globes.


SET YOUR CLOCKS: Chandrasekhar/Heffernan live thread this afternoon

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Alright, meow, Drunkards, drop your socks and grab your clocks, because we've got another star studded live discussion thread coming your way this afternoon.

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