This Islanders Fan Bid Farewell To Nassau Coliseum By Revealing She Conceived Her Son In The Parking Lot

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This New York Islanders fan will always have special memories about the departing Nassau Coliseum, mostly because she conceived a kid there.

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This Live TV Drug Deal Is The Most Zero F*cks Drug Deal

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It's worth the watch just for the anchors' reactions at the end.


Watch This Weatherman Do His Best To Wrangle A Huge Dog On Live TV

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A lesson why giant playful dogs don't make the best assistants for live weather reports.


Dan Stevens Loses It On Live TV When Asked How Many Actors He ‘Beat Off’ For A Role

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A host had some very important questions about how many men cousin Matthew has beaten off.


Watch Mike Tyson Snap At A Journalist For Bringing Up His Rape Conviction On Live TV

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A reporter asked a legitimate question to Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson snapped.


Sky News Apologized For The Most Tasteless Live Report You’ll Ever See

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Sky News got into a lot of trouble for what one of their reporters did.


A World Cup Reporter Looked Horrified When A Drunk German Kissed Her On Live TV

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Networks should probably stop doing live reports outside World Cup bars.

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Watch A House Explode Into A Giant Fireball On Live TV

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A scary moment in New Hampshire was captured on live TV.


Watch An Athlete’s Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Realize She’s On TV Act Out A Sexual Encounter


The cricket player's girlfriend doesn't know she's on TV while she's imitating a sexual encounter, and the world is better off for it.


Dude Picks His Nose On Live TV, Owns It Like A Rock Star

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This guy is the Three-Wolf Moon T-shirt of nose pickers.

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Live TV Farts Are the Best Farts

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These last couple days, I've been doing everything I can to not think about how all the money I've saved has evaporated with the stock market plummeting.

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Live TV Jetpack Fail

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You wanna know what I like better than local news bloopers on live TV.


This Old Guy Is Awesome

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In most cases, old people are useless.


Live TV Is Awkward.

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Pictured here is the moment during last night's "Dancing with the Stars" when Maksim Chmerkovskiy's leg buckled under the weight of Kirstie Alley, causing both of them to fall to the floor (see video below).

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Live Local News Is the Best

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Live television is one of the Internet's most precious resources, because human error so often works its way into the spotlight.

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Drunk Driver Interview + News

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There's been more TV stuff than I can cover over the last two days, so let's play a little catch-up, starting with the live TV interview with the drunk lady who admitted to mixing up the brake pedal and the.

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‘Tons of F**king Sequins!’

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, meet your new king.

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