‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Starling City Burns In The Second Season Finale

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'Arrow' has a season finale tonight, which includes Slade crossing the one line no one must cross: Threatening Felicity.


‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Starling City Burns Again

By | 204 Comments

'Arrow' fights an army of Deathstrokes tonight, and we're liveblogging it right here.


‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Somebody’s Definitely Gonna Die

By | 272 Comments

'Arrow' goes into its endgame tonight, and we predict who that ends poorly for.


‘Arrow’ Liveblog: Slade, Violence, And Family Drama

By | 228 Comments

'Arrow' get nasty as Slade steps up his master plan.


'Arrow' Liveblog: Deathstroke, Deathstroke, And More Deathstroke

By | 291 Comments

'Arrow' gives us all the Slade we can handle tonight.


Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Feels Some ‘Tremors’ Tonight

By | 227 Comments

'Arrow' feels some tremors tonight, and brings back Bronze Tiger.


Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Finds A ‘Blind Spot’ Tonight

By | 273 Comments

'Arrow' finally brings Deathstroke to Starling City tonight.


Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Wanders Into The ‘Blast Radius’ Tonight

By | 201 Comments

'Arrow' is back! And it's going to blow some stuff up!


Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Will ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ Tonight

By | 256 Comments

'Arrow' heads to Russia tonight, and we also see the origins of the Suicide Squad.


Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Goes Pro With The ‘League Of Assassins’ Tonight

By | 255 Comments

Arrow tangles with Ra's Al Ghul, or at least his flunkies, tonight.


Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Plays With ‘Broken Dolls’ Tonight

By | 330 Comments

'Arrow' sees a visit from the Dollmaker. Uh oh.


Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Captures A Bronze Tiger In Its Latest Episode

By | 192 Comments

Our 'Arrow' liveblogs continue, this time with 100% more Bronze Tiger jokes thanks to Michael Jai White.


Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Takes A Shot At ‘City Of Heroes’ In The Premiere.

By | 258 Comments

'Arrow' starts its second season tonight, and our liveblogs return!


Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Offers A ‘Sacrifice’ Tonight

By | 225 Comments

It's the season finale of 'Arrow', so you know someone's gonna die. We handicap who.

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