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The BCC Is Making Their Own 'Liz & Dick' Starring Helena Bonham Carter And Jimmy McNulty

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Hot off the heels of Lifetime's train wreck Liz Taylor biopic, the BBC is producing "Taylor and Burton," starring Helena Bonham Carter and "The Wire's" Dominic West.


‘Liz & Dick’ Producer On Differences Between LiLo And Liz Taylor: ‘Elizabeth Taylor Had Extraordinary Beauty’

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The executive producer of "Liz & Dick" took a hilariously mean and unnecessary shot at Lindsay Lohan's looks.


I Think The Poster For Lindsay Lohan’s Lifetime Movie ‘Liz & Dick’ Is Trying To Tell Us Something

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The poster for Lindsay Lohan's new Lifetime movie appears to contain some sort of subtle, coded message. Maybe one of you can figure it out.


Lindsay Lohan Looks So Hot As Liz Taylor

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At some point in the near future, Lifetime plans to air its original film Liz & Dick about the life and love of legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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If Lindsay Lohan Knows Anything, It's Liz & Dick

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As soon as she’s done with her probation and community service in March, America’s freckled, chain-smoking sweetheart, Lindsay Lohan, is going to be free to resume doing that thing she used to do… sh*t, what was it called again.

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