What's Worse Than Finding A Lizard In Your Salad? Finding The Head Of A Lizard In Your Salad


A theatrical agent in Manhattan got a disgusting surprise in a kale salad she had ordered when she almost bit into a severed lizard head. Next time maybe tell them to *hold* the lizard.


Kitten vs. Bearded Dragon

Always bet on the one with the beard.


Lizard Poops in Girl’s Lap

Rufio the lizard does not appreciate his owner discussing his sex life on the Internet.


The Blood-Squirting Lizard

When spiny skin isn't enough, the horned lizard repels predators by squirting blood -- out of its eye.


The Lizardman

Eric "The Lizardman" Sprague is a professional freak.


Geckos Eating Cheerios

This is what it looks like when geckos eat Cheerios.

#Star Wars

Street Justice And Links

We Have A Special Treat For You If You ‘Like’ Us On Facebook |UPROXX| The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/9/12: Somebody Call My Mama |With Leather| Armond White heckled, called Hoberman ‘a jackass’ at NYFCC Awards |Film Drunk| Jon Huntsman’s Super [...].


Nic Cage smokes cigarettes with a lizard


This is a clip from the forgotten Nic Cage classic Time to Kill, in which the bear puncher shares his cigarette with a matter-of-fact lizard (I believe it's a chameleon).

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