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Kim Jong-Un Won’t Be Happy About The International Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 8 Comments

The new international trailer for 'The Interview' is packed with a little more action, as James Franco and Seth Rogen battle North Korea.


Ranking Lizzy Caplan’s 8 Most Masterfully Sexy Moments

By | 17 Comments

It's Lizzy Caplan's birthday, so let's celebrate with the "Masters of Sex" star's most sexy moments.


Lizzy Caplan And Scott Aukerman Debate Whether Men Can Be Funny

By | 7 Comments

Lizzy Caplan thinks that men can be funny. We're not so sure.


Lizzy Caplan Doesn’t Want The Guys In Her Family To Watch ‘Masters Of Sex’

By | 4 Comments

Do you really need a reason to watch a show called "Masters of Sex"? Well, here's one, and it involves Lizzy Caplan.

james franco

James Franco And Seth Rogen Want To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un In The Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 11 Comments

In the new trailer for 'The Interview,' Lizzy Caplan recruits Seth Rogen and James Franco to assassinate Kim Jong-Un for the CIA.


A Scientific And Definitive Ranking Of The Stars Of ‘Mean Girls’ Post- ‘Mean Girls’ Careers

By | 54 Comments

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of 'Mean Girls', we've decided to rank the careers of the cast based on career highlights.


Naked And Drunk Lizzy Caplan Was A Delight On The Set Of ‘True Blood’

By | 26 Comments

Lizzy Caplan talks about the first time she got naked on the set of 'True Blood.' Spoiler: It involved vodka and boners.


These Would Be The 10 Highest Paid Actresses If The Universe Was Just And Rewarded Talent Above All Else

By | 58 Comments

Tired of seeing the Kardashians top Forbes Annual list of highest paid actresses? Let's check a different timeline, where talent is rewarded over all else.


‘Masters Of Sex’ Is Showtime’s New ‘Homeland’ For Better Or Worse

By | 23 Comments

How long can <em>Masters of Sex</em> sustain its creative momentum before it runs into what we’ll call the “Showtime problem?”


Lizzy Caplan Knows How To Make A Meatloaf That Looks Like A ‘Huge D*ck’

By | 5 Comments

Lizzy Caplan is a pro when it comes to X-rated cookbooks.


Lizzy Caplan Is Very Naked In The ‘Masters Of Sex’ Pilot That’s On YouTube Now

By | 25 Comments

Everyone, including Lizzy Caplan, gets naked in the pilot for Showtime's "Masters of Sex."

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Watch Lizzy Caplan And Michael Sheen Do Sexy Science Things In The Trailer For ‘Masters Of Sex’

By | 12 Comments

Showtime released an extended trailer for 'Masters of Sex,' featuring Lizzy Caplan and company doing lots of sex research.


Showtime’s ‘Masters Of Sex’ With Lizzy Caplan Looks Pretty Great

By | 19 Comments

"Masters of Sex" starring Lizzy Caplan. That's all you need to know.

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‘Fashion Film’ Provides Yet Another Reason To Love Lizzy Caplan

By | 6 Comments

Lizzy Caplan starring in a spoof of artsy fashion films? Yes please!


The First-Look Trailer For Lizzy Caplan’s ‘Masters Of Sex’ Is Here

By | 20 Comments

Check out the trailer for Showtime's "Masters of Sex," starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Sheen.

Lizzy Caplan And Fred Willard Performed A Skit About Genitals Together (And The Morning Links)


Two very funny people, Lizzy Caplan and Fred Willard, came together to perform the very funny "Boy Meets Girl" skit from "Free to Be...You and Me."


Alison Brie And Lizzy Caplan Talked Clowns, Porn, And Underwatched TV Shows

By | 15 Comments

Highlights from The AV Club's interview with Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan. Clowns, porn, nudity, THIS ONE HAS IT ALL!

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