Lloyd Banks – “When I Get There”

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I'm really feeling Banks' recent output.


Slim & Fifty Prank Lloyd Banks

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Instead of just handing Lloyd Banks his well-deserved Gold plaque for "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley," Curtis and B Rabbit go all Ashton Kutcher and make the hottest member of G-Unit believe there had been murmurs of him saying he didn't want Eminem to make an appearance on his third album, Hunger For More II.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Lloyd – “Any Girl” Video

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With a new distribution deal in place for G-Unit, it's time to get the ball rolling in preparing the world for Hunger For More 2.

Tony Yayo

“I Wonder If You Mad…”

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50 Cent is the greatest villain Hip-Hop has ever seen.


Lloyd Banks Feat. Juelz Santana – “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley”

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Say what you will, but G-Unit is managing to keep their heads above water even with their best days behind them.


They Make This Too Easy…

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Never in my life did I imagine that MTV could make me laugh more than The Office.

Uncle Murda

DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks 4-30-09: Happy Birthday Vol. 4

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Generally you're the one receiving gifts on your Born Day, but for Lloyd Banks' 27th, the present is for that fans.


Crew Love

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The soundtrack to our daily grind, all in a nice & neat format.

What's Beef?

Rick Ross – “Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly” Video

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I usually avoid this 50/Rawse fuckery but this commentary gave me a giggle.

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