The 10 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows We’ve Had To Suffer Through

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Here are the 10 of the worst Super Bowl Halftime shows to date, because listing ALL OF THEM would be too easy.


LMFAO’s Redfoo Wants To Be A Pro Tennis Player Now

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I’m not going to pretend to know what Stefan Gordy’s life has been like, but I assume that when you’re the son of music legend Berry Gordy, you don’t really have too much to worry about.


Louisiana Tech’s Offensive Linemen Are Sexy (And They Know It)


In the funniest 'Sexy And I Know It'-related sports news since the Miami Heat celebrated the douchiest NBA Championship win in history by rapping with LMFAO, the offensive linemen of Louisiana Tech have uploaded a video of themselves dancing and lip syncing to the pop hit/M&M's anthem while what I'm assuming are webcam-supplied lights flash above them.


NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover Team Made A LMFAO Parody Video

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Here is the Mars Curiosity rover team throwing down an LMFAO parody of their own: "We're NASA and We Know It." So there's that.


We're NASA And We Know It


"Kickin' at my console, this is what I see: Data streaming back from Curiosity.


Shuffle Fail


Every day she's stumbling.

#LeBron James

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Celebrated By Rapping With LMFAO

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Someone sent me the above image of LMFAO “performing” during timeouts at Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night, and all I could think was: “This is Miami in a nutshell.


High School Student Makes World’s Worst Song Great

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Sunday morning, while I was getting a bagel at my local bakery (pertinent information), LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” came on the restaurant’s radio.


Obama Is Sexy And He Knows It


It's well-known President Obama can sing.


Day 1 Recap Of The 2012 Pac-12 Basketball Tournament: Chasson Randle, Margaritas & LMFAO


Dime will be in the building all week for the 2012 Pac-12 basketball tournament to bring you updates on the epic media margarita glasses, the best crowd chants and of course, all of the hoops action.


Hey Guys, Madonna’s Just Like Us, Y’All

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In case you were trying to block it out of your mind, or if you have simply pretended that the Super Bowl hasn’t had a halftime show since 2004, Madonna is performing a 12-minute set at Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday.


Budweiser x NBA “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Remix Commercial

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When you're the official beer of the NBA, you get to put out amazing commercials like this.


Lil Jon Feat. LMFAO – “Drink”


Lil Jon can't leave the club and alcohol life and apparently neither can LMFAO.


LMFAO Sends Shots At Presidential Candidate

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I don't know what's more strange, the fact that TMZ is reporting one-time presidential candidate and all-time moron Mitt Romney was "attacked" by a "major rap star," or that the "major rap star" in question is one of Sideshow Bob's cousins from LMFAO.

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