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Blake Griffin Went Nuclear Against The Rockets In The First Half Of Game 2

With Chris Paul sitting out his second straight game, Blake Griffin put up 26 points in the first half of Game 2 against the Rockets.


With Leather’s Watch This: Back-To-Back-To-Back Alley Oops? Only In Lob City

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin welcomed everyone back to Lob City with back-to-back-to-back alley oops.


Blake Griffin And DeAndre Jordan’s Top 10 Dunks Of March (So Far)

We're not even two weeks into March yet and DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin have combined to amass enough top-10 worthy dunks for their own personal highlight reel.


Jamal Crawford: Blake Griffin Took Huge Alley-Oop “To A Whole ‘Nother Level”

Blake Griffin got only the third triple-double of his career Wednesday night against Milwaukee -- 23 points, 11 boards, and 11 dimes.


Video: All Blake Griffin and the Clippers Did Monday Was Dunk On Philadelphia

A year and a half into the Clippers' "Lob City" reign, even when we're all expecting dunks like these and maybe even a little jaded by them, the fact L.

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