Here’s How To Make Your Own Doritos Mountain Dew With One Weird Trick


Here's how to beat Pepsi and Frito-Lay at their own game and make the terrifying concoction that is "Dewitos" (Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew).


Jada Pinkett Smith Brought A Guy On A Leash To Her ‘Gotham’ Audition


Jada Pinkett Smith (Fish Mooney) and Robin Lord Taylor (The Penguin) have vastly different forms of method acting in 'Gotham'.

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This List Of Bands Banned On Soviet Radio Is A Real Head Scratcher


Did you ever want to see AC/DC, The B-52's, Pink Floyd, Donna Summer, The Village People, Julio Iglesias, and Madness in the same place?

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Let It Go In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ With These Cathartic ‘Frozen’ Mods

'Frozen' and 'Grand Theft Auto IV' have finally been combined in two computer mods benefiting from a spot of the old ultra-violence.


Okay Then: Topher Grace Released A Trailer For His Edit Of The 'Star Wars' Prequels


Topher Grace released a trailer for the full-length movie he made out of the Star Wars prequels. No, really.

What’s The Fox Say? The Most Informative Music Video Ever Has The Answer.


Please enjoy (or at least stare confusedly at) this music video, "The Fox", from the Norwegian talk show 'I kveld med YLVIS'.


Prepare To Roll A Sanity Check When You See The Necronomicon Bikini


Now you can own a Necronomicon bikini styled after the Necronomicon in 'The Evil Dead' for less than it costs to rent a secluded cabin for the weekend!


A GIF Reaction To The Preacher Who Accused ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Of Promoting Bestiality


Here is our GIF reaction to the radio show preacher who accused 'Star Trek Into Darkness' of promoting bestiality.

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Putting Woody From 'Toy Story' Into 'GTA IV' Is Beyond Crazy


GTA IV is one of those games perfect for modifying to comedic effect. Now Toy Story's Woody is both a Dragonborn and a Street Fighter.


Girl Who Sucked A Bloody Tampon On YouTube Is Facebook Married To Guy Who Ate His Own Poop


Giovanna Plowman, who sucked on her own bloody tampon on YouTube, is Facebook married to Dino Bruscia, who filmed himself eating poop with ice cream.


Wolverine And Sweet Lemonade In The Afternoon Links

Today's afternoon links, featuring Wolverine as a learning aid, a suspicious sign advertising lemonade, and a catchy song about semantic satiation.


Today In Wonderfully Insane Japanese TV Clips: ‘Cathy’s House’ Looks Fun


If you've kept abreast of our Japan tag, you know we like to highlight the glorious insanity that is Japanese TV. Today we celebrate 'Cathy's House'.

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‘Grand Theft Auto’ Horse Returns For More Surreal Hijinks


The playable horse mod for 'Grand Theft Auto IV' returns for more trolling, thanks to the guy behind the 'Battlefield 3' trolling video series.


You Shall Not Peck: ‘ThanksKilling 3′ Goes 16-bit In A New, Turkey-Avenging Clip


A chainsaw-wielding turkey seeking Thanksgiving revenge battles a Gandalf-style turkey in a video game inspired scene from 'ThanksKilling 3'.


R.I.P. Run Wrake, An Esteemed Dog Meets The President, And Links

Today's links, featuring a memorable short film by recently deceased auteur Run Wrake and a dog meeting the president for a photo op.


Meet Rachel, The Nice Lady From New York Who Tries To Explain Why She’s Camping At An Apple Store


Sam Roberts interviewed people camping out to buy an Apple iPhone 5 in front of an Apple store in New York City. Rachel is our favorite.

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An Elephant And A Giraffe Push It To The Limit In 'Grand Theft Auto IV'

Two more great free 'Grand Theft Auto IV' mods let you play as an elephant or a giraffe. All arguments invalid. All other mods irrelephant.


Nic Cage Everywhere, Michael Winslow's Brother From Another Mother, And Links

Today's links, featuring Nic Cage as everyone in 'Kick Ass' and everything on your desk, as well as an airport employee channeling Michael Winslow.


Cookie Monster Is The Monster Gotham Deserves

Cookie Monster plays the role of Batman in the final scene of 'Batman Begins' because internet.

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'Grand Theft Auto' Horse Returns To Push It To The Limit


The 'Grand Theft Auto IV' horse is back to get engage in horseplay and push it to the limit. This dude is earning all the achievements.

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