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An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabbed A Cabbie After He Wouldn’t Have Sex With Her For A Third Time

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After refusing to have sex with a woman who claims to look like Angelina Jolie for a third time, this cabbie was stabbed.


Is This Pasty, Ginger Man Conan O’Brien’s Illegitimate Son, As He Claims?

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Gregory Keating wants to meet his biological father, and he's built a pretty good case that the man he's looking for just might be everyone's favorite lanky ginger.


Manchester United, Now Featuring The Bad Guys From ‘Home Alone’

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Wayne Rooney and Marouane Fellaini of Manchester United look exactly like the bad guys from 'Home Alone,' says an astute Imgurer.

albert einstein

Alcohol Is The Solution In The Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring an Einstein lookalike, Chemistry Cat dispensing helpful advice for the weekend, and Kitten Kong.

arrested development

This Swiss Political Hopeful Looks More Like A Swiss Political Hopeful Than He Does Tobias Fünke


Look, I understand the desire to identify bald men with perfectly shaped heads, round glasses, and a mustache as Tobias Fünke. I really do.


Expectations Versus Reality, Real-Life Ratatouille, And Links


Today's links, featuring a real-life 'Ratatouille' character, a girl doing some Myspace voodoo on Facebook, and a sarcastic primate.


Facemath Combines Celebrity Faces For Amusing Results


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined Val Kilmer and ALF? We never stop thinking about it. Facemath has the answers.


Gang tries to kidnap Saddam look-alike to make porn

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An Egyptian man claims he was kidnapped and beaten after an Iraqi gang tried to abduct and force him to make a porn movie because he looked like Saddam Hussein, reports Egypt's <a href=",.aspx" target="_blank">Al-Ahram</a>.


Bucky Larson inherited the Raiders

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Apparently when Al Davis died, Bucky Larson inherited the Raiders.

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