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The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-fi Movies Of 2012

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It was a busy year for sci-fi, for better and for worse...


We Could Have Had ‘Looper’ With Clint Eastwood, According To Joe Carnahan’s Demo For ‘Gemini Man’

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Joe Carnahan ('The Grey') released the sizzle reel he made for 'Gemini Man', in which he envisions a young Clint Eastwood hunting his older self.


The Looper Timeline Infographic

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Looper is a film about time travel, whose plot is, by design, unstuck from the constraints of linear time and normal cause and effect.


‘Looper’ Is Officially A Hit

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'Looper' is turning out to be an SF win.


5 Second Films Does Looper


Here’s 5-Second Films take on Looper. “Triple-ply max comfort aloe vera toilet paper has been invented. But 30 years from now, it will have been outlawed."


5-Second Films Does Looper

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Here's 5-Second Films take on Looper, Pooper.


Disney’s ‘Looper’ (1994 Trailer) & Your Morning Links


Bro, did you know Disney actually made Looper like 15 years ago.


Weekend Movie Guide: It’s ‘Looper’ Time!

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Opening Everywhere: Looper, Hotel Transylvania, Won’t Back Down, Pitch Perfect Opening Somwhere: Solomon Kane FilmDrunk Suggests: I’ve been looking forward to Looper for weeks now and the positive reviews (like Vince’s, in case you haven’t read it) have me very excited.


Looper: The Review

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'Looper' is a great movie, a great science fiction movie, and is essentially awesome. Go see it.


Review: Looper

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In the Future, Miatas are Cool Okay, first things first, Looper is a really hard film to review.

We’re Really Excited For ‘Looper’ So Here Are Some Funny Tweets About ‘Looper’

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Hopefully they'll be enough to hold us over until the GIFs and memes are here.


Super Loopers


The trailer for Looper gets mashed up with cult comedy Super Troopers, and somehow doesn't lose a bit of intensity.

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The Best and Worst of The Toronto International Film Festival

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I was sitting around the other day, licking my Taco Bell loco taco fingers while thumbing through the "missed connections" portion of the paper when a call came through on the land line.

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The 2012 FilmDrunk Fall Movies Guide!

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Ah fall, when movie studios pack up their testicles and roll out the “safe” films to warm us all up for Academy Awards season.

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Fall 2012 Is The New Nerd Movie Summer, Apparently

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All the little movies try to make their mark. And we can't wait.


Seven Things About Looper You’re Going to Love

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*Don't worry, I won't be spoiling anything, because it's my hope folks will see this one clean, ideally right after their family has staged an intervention.

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