Here’s The ‘Full House’ Cast Singing The Theme Song And Making Your Sitcom Dreams Come True

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The Tanner family got back together and performed "Everywhere You Look" for creator Jeff Franklin's birthday party.


Who Will Be Back For The New ‘Full House’ Revival? Here Are Your Odds.

By | 29 Comments

Now that John Stamos and Warner Bros. TV are trying to revive 'Full House,' let's examine the odds of the cast members who might return.


It Looks Like ‘Full House’ Is Coming Back With Most Of The Original Cast

By | 145 Comments

No, YOU cut it out: it looks like "Full House" is coming back.

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A Love Letter To Lori Loughlin — AKA Aunt Becky On ‘Full House’ — The First Crush Of An Entire Generation

By | 35 Comments

Lori Loughlin celebrates her 50th birthday today, so let's celebrate the roles that helped turn her into America's underrated sweetheart.

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